‘Scandal’ Episode ‘Blown Away’ Briefly Pulled From ABC Website

The midseason finale of Scandal has been temporarily pulled from ABC’s website following the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the Huffington Post reports.

There are minor spoilers ahead for those who haven’t seen the episode yet.

The episode, titled “Blown Away,” originally aired Thursday, December 13 and featured a scene where an entire family had been killed in their home. At one point, the mother’s body is shown propped in front of her young daughter’s body as she tried to shield her from the killer.

The episode was originally made available on ABC’s website after it aired but was briefly taken down.

“Out of respect for those affected by the tragic events in Newtown, Conn., the Scandal winter finale ‘Blown Away’ has been temporarily taken down online,” the network said on its website. “We know fans are excited to see the episode, and we will update this post the moment we know when it will be available in the ABC.com Full Episode Player and the ABC Player Apps.”

The episode has been restored, but ABC said, “Since the episode contains a violent scene involving children, we urge fans to use their own discretion before viewing.”

Other channels have also changed their programming in the aftermath of the shooting. Fox rescheduled episodes of American Dad and Family Guy that were scheduled to air Sunday, December 16. Syfy pulled the “Reunion” episode of Haven because it featured scenes of violence at a fictitious high school. Syfy has not said when the episode would air. TLC has also pushed its reality show, Best Funeral Ever, until January.