Tanner Tolbert, Jade Roper's Baby Name Revealed: 'Bachelor In Paradise' Stars Share Their Little Girl's Name

Bachelor in Paradise stars Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert just welcomed their first baby and fans have been dying to learn the name they chose for her. Baby "Janner's" name wasn't included in the initial social media posts announcing her early arrival, but the BIP stars did not end up making fans wait too long for the news.

Tanner Tolbert initially teased his Bachelor in Paradise fans by posting a mashup of his baby girl and a Game of Thrones photo where he said in honor of GoT, "A GIRL HAS NO NAME." This got a chuckle out of many of his followers, and Tolbert noted that Jade would be revealing the little girl's name on Instagram later in the evening. That post of Tolbert's didn't stay up for long, but the good news is that the big name reveal was posted before the evening was over.

Sure enough, Jade did share an adorable picture of Baby Janner and revealed that her name is Emerson Avery Tolbert. They will call her "Emmy" for short, and the Bachelor in Paradise star added that Emmy is an angel and that they can't get enough of her. Tanner has posted quite a few shots of the baby on his Instagram, including a short clip of her with some milk hiccups and a gorgeous shot showcasing her full head of dark hair.

While Emmy is said to be doing well, the doctors did decide to give her some phototherapy. Tanner posted a photo of the baby held next to some bili lights and Jade noted that the doctors had been worried about the possibility of jaundice developing. High bilirubin levels are common in late-term preemies, so the Bachelor in Paradise stars were being proactive in getting Emmy some phototherapy to prevent any issues.

Tanner even tagged the post with the hashtag for DIFF Eyewear, and this one will surely give Bachelor in Paradise fans a chuckle. Anybody who follows Jade or Tanner know that DIFF Eyewear is one of the products they post about on their social media pages frequently. Despite cracking a few jokes, the Tolberts are clearly head-over-heels in love with their new addition and their followers hope that there will be plenty more updates to come.

Emerson Avery Tolbert may have decided to come four weeks early, but she was a healthy weight and height and has thousands of fans swooning over how adorable she is. Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert quickly became a favorite couple for many Bachelor in Paradise viewers and everybody is thrilled to see that Emmy has safely arrived.

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]