Pregnant Anna Duggar Flies To Illinois With Josh, Fans Think They Went To Rehab Center

Anna Duggar recently accompanied her husband, Josh, on a flight to Illinois, and their trip is raising a few eyebrows.

Many Duggar fans have been wondering whether Josh and Anna’s fifth child has yet arrived, and a new video will sate their curiosity. According to Starcasm, a still-pregnant Anna Duggar was spotted at an airport on Sunday afternoon. She was accompanied by her husband and a few of her in-laws.

The Illinois city that Josh and Anna Duggar disembarked to was Rockford, a place that may sound familiar to those who have been following the Duggars closely over the past few years. As reported by Radar Online, it’s the location of Reformers Unanimous, the Christian rehab center that Josh checked himself into in August, 2015. He spent eight months there after he confessed to cheating on Anna and being addicted to internet pornography.

The Rockford Scanner was the first media outlet to report that Josh and Anna Duggar had been spotted at the Rockford Airport. They arrived in one of the planes owned by the Duggar family, and the large posse that was with them included Jim Bob, John-David, Josiah, and Justin Duggar. Two of Josh and Anna’s children — Mackynzie and Michael — were also spotted on the airport tarmac, along with an unknown man and woman. Anna Duggar is clearly still pregnant in the video below. She’s wearing a floral print dress over a striped shirt and a pair of sandals with small wedge heels.

Some fans think that Josh may still be battling a few demons and has decided to check himself back into rehab. Shortly after he left Reformers Unanimous in May, 2016, he and Anna released a statement about their ongoing “healing” process. They revealed that they would be “working with a professional marriage and family counselor,” so they clearly didn’t believe that one stint in Reformers was all that Josh needed.

It definitely isn’t the best time for Josh to leave his family for an extended period of time. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Anna Duggar’s due date is likely sometime this month, so she could give birth any day now. However, Anna had just given birth to her fourth child when Josh first checked himself into Reformers, a controversial move that caused him to miss out on most of the baby girl’s first year of life.

Josh Duggar’s decision was also criticized by skeptics who feared that he wasn’t getting the help that he needed at Reformers. Instead of licensed therapists, the recovery center founded by North Love Baptist Church employs Christian counselors who believe that the solutions to all their patients’ problems can be found in the Bible. Gawker called the Christian recovery center “little more than a glorified, Bible-based labor camp,” and one source with former ties to the program said that it’s “just another way for the church to make money.”

Whether or not the program actually helped Josh played no part in Anna Duggar’s decision to stay with him after he cheated on her; as Fox News reports, she announced that she would not be divorcing him long before he returned home from Reformers. She cited the marriage vows she made “to God first and then to Joshua, ‘for better or worse, ’til death do we part'” as the reason she decided to stand by her man.

One of Anna Duggar’s recent Twitter photos may put the kibosh on the speculation that she and Josh went back to Rockford because they’re currently experiencing marital problems. In the image, the couple is posing with a character named Patch the Pirate and the group that went to Illinois with them. The photo was taken at North Love Baptist Church, and Anna used it to promote the church’s Reformers Unanimous program.

[Featured Image by Josh Duggar/Twitter]

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