Marvel’s ‘The Defenders’ Alludes To Iron Fist Becoming Daredevil

The union of the four Marvel Studios Netflix shows is finally on the small screen as The Defenders premiered this weekend. It takes street-level heroes and presents them with a force of reckoning that’s touched each show: The Hand. While the show may be over (depending on if you binged it), the narrative threads laid out the future seasons of Marvel Netflix universe. Warning: there are spoilers ahead for The Defenders. If you have not finished, please stop reading now.

One of the bigger things hinted at is Danny donning the Daredevil suit in the future.

During the Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark run on Daredevil, Matt Murdock has finally been imprisoned for the crime of being a vigilante. It’s hard on Matt, but eventually there is a new Devil of Hell’s Kitchen continuing the legacy of crime fighting in the neighborhood. This happens in Daredevil #87. The reason behind Danny Rand’s impersonation of the Hell’s Kitchen masked vigilante is to create an alibi for Matt Murdock.

While other outlets have speculated that Frank Miller’s “Born Again” storyline would be featured in Daredevil Season 3 due to the name “Maggie” mentioned with a bandaged Matt lying on the bed. Maggie is the name of Matt’s biological mother and will seemingly play a major plot point in the new season. It’s a recognizable homage to the legendary Marvel storyline, but it could possibly be a red herring.

The allusion to Danny’s eventual Daredevil escapades comes in single shot right before the “Born Again” homage with Matt. He’s perched on a roof top similar to Matt Murdock and shrouded in the night’s darkness. It isn’t revealed that it’s the Iron Fist until Danny’s hand glows with chi.

Also, further evidence that could potentially point in the direction of Matt Murdock’s eventual incarceration is the Brubaker/Lark storyline featuring Marvel villain Kingpin. The difference between the Miller “Born Again” and Brubaker/Lark’s runs are the simple fact that Kingpin is also in jail at the time of the latter’s run.

The other bit of information that gives this theory more weight is Matt whispering in Danny’s ear, “Protect my city.” A message he intended for Danny, Luke, and Jessica, but giving it to Danny directly illustrates Matt’s relationship to the Immortal Iron Fist.

They also have distinctly similar fighting styles, which gives Danny the ability to emulate Daredevil’s movements.

The show’s other intention was to function similarly to what the Marvel Cinematic Universe has done. Marvel’s The Defenders is a gateway for more crossovers in the future with a possible sequel season eventually. The eventual cross pollination of characters is wholly exciting and if Marvel Studios can figure out how to give Danny a better emotional depth, then an Iron Fist cameo in Daredevil could be an interesting play.

Marvel’s The Defenders is available on Netflix now.

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