Video: ‘Call Me,’ Melania Says In 2011 Blooper And Cracks Up – No Melania Photos In 12 Days, Since August 8

First Lady Melania Trump has not appeared in any photos via Associated Press or Getty Images since August 8, which is 12 days and counting, as of this writing. As such, folks are turning to viral videos like the one below, titled “Melania Trump Tells All,” when Melania was far from being the wife of the president, and son Barron Trump was only a 5-year-old. Back then, with Melania promoting her jewelry line and showing off her wedding ring and the bracelet that President Donald Trump once gave her as a gift after birthing Barron, Melania seemed a bit more relaxed and less guarded in the interview as Melania described the popularity of the bracelet that she said women loved.

The interview with Melania was uploaded to YouTube on August 9, 2011, more than six years ago, and has since accumulated more than one million views. Melania was interviewed for Sherrina Navani’s Mommy Helper Show, and spoke about her life as a mom with an understanding husband who had no problem with Melania wanting to get away for an hour for a massage or to take a luxurious bath. The interview for the launch of Melania Timepieces & Jewelry on QVC has now gone viral, with viewers trying to soak up all the knowledge they can about the private and elusive Melania. At the end of the interview, Melania really lets her hair down when she accidentally tells viewers to call her, instead of calling another number. The interviewer laughs along with Melania, who is then asked if she is going to give everyone her private phone number.

Melania went on to wax nostalgic about being a mother to Barron, and spoke about all the curious questions the young boy would ask Melania as she went to work events. Melania allowed Barron to come with her anytime he wanted, but laughed at the way Barron decided not to come with her at other times.

Melania called Barron very independent, a word that she used to describe herself and Donald, but also noted that sometimes children just want their mothers. Melania advised Ivanka Trump to just enjoy motherhood, because the time can fly.

Until Melania appears in the public eye once more, either in photographs or new interviews, folks will likely turn to old interviews of Melania to get more insight into the first lady.

[Featured Image by Cindy Ord/Getty Images]