GeoCities goes dark tomorrow, all data to disappear

Have you been meaning to update your Beanie Baby conspiracy website since 1999 and just haven't had the time?

Better make it quick- the service on which many internet users cut their web teeth is slated to disappear tomorrow, and with it many years of amateur websites and scads of content. GeoCities, which was divided into subjects by "neigborhood," declined massively in popularity after the late 90s after peaking at the world's #3 website in 1999. GeoCities stock hit a peak of $100 after an IPO of $17 in August of 1998.

A massive effort is underway to preserve the data from GeoCities accounts in an attempt to keep early-internet relics intact:

While the natural urge by some would be to let Geocities sink into obscurity and death, leaving nothing in its wake but bad memories and shudders of recognition at endless "under construction" GIFs, the fact remains that Geocities was for millions of people the first experience dealing with the low-cost, full-color, world-accessible website and all the possibilities this contained. To not at least have the option of browsing these old sites would be a loss of the very history of the web from the side of the people who came to know it, not the designers who descended upon it. For that reason, Archive Team thinks Geocities is worth saving.
That won't help the problem of broken links, which will abound long after the demise of GeoCities in places like Wikipedia cites. Geocities is currently the 195th most browsed domains, with 2 million incoming links. Even on this Sunday afternoon, one of the top trending topics points returns a first result of defunct GeoCities page. Thanks to Google cache, I was able to view a version of the original "Goonies drinking game" (quoted below), but it's just one millions of pages soon to be lost to the web forever.
Take a drink everytime:

Mikey say's "Don't you see? Don't you realize?" either in the samesentance or seperately.

Mikey uses his inhaler.

Mikey talks to himself.

We hear the huanting Data Theme.

Mouth says something stupid.

The Fratellie brtohers get in a fight.

Ma hits Jake.

Chunk breaks something.

Chunk gets stuck with the body.

Someone mispronounces a word, or says the wrong word.Twice if it's not a Walsh.Three times if no one corrects them.

Someone uses Chunk's tendancy to break something to their advantage.

Brand and Andy alomost kiss.

A reference to another movie is made.

A retro eighties slang word is used.

A reference to a product that is no longer being sold is made.

Any main charector is shown in the beginning.Twice if any any are left out.

One of Data's inventions doesn't work.Twice if they do.

A reference to one of Chunk's stroies is made.

A reference to past adventures is made.Twice if you would like to know more about these adventures.

A coincidnece causes an important event to happen.

Any product placement is used.

Chunk whines.

Mouth says "Jerk alert".

Any of the charector's real names are used.Twice if you know who they are talking about.

You recognize any of the actors from another movie or T.V. show.Twice if it's not Corey Feldman.Three times if it's not Sean Astin.Chug if it's not Ke Huy Quan.

[Source: ComputerWorld]