NBA Rumors: Cavs’ LeBron James To Celtics Or Lakers? Odds Released For NBA Free Agent’s Next Team

The NBA rumors revolving around LeBron James’ next team have reached a new height as it seems the Los Angeles Lakers or even the Boston Celtics may have a chance. Actually, all teams have a chance according to the latest sportsbook odds that have been released for LeBron’s next squad. Before fans get too excited, keep in mind that some teams have been given a much lower chance of landing the heralded NBA superstar. Fans of the Sacramento Kings, Orlando Magic, Utah Jazz, and Brooklyn Nets shouldn’t get their hopes too high while it’s looking like Boston, Houston, and San Antonio actually have a shot. That’s according to certain odds makers at least.

After this coming season, “King James” officially enters NBA free agency, bringing about another possible departure from the Cleveland Cavs. He made his return to his original team after leaving them to join the Miami Heat. Since then, he’s returned to the Cavs. LeBron racked up another championship in 2015, but that pursuit for titles seems to be coming to an end in Cleveland in favor of a new team. The Heavy website’s Jeff Smith recently reported that odds were released through the BetOnline sportsbook regarding which team LeBron will join. The list features all 30 NBA teams, with LeBron’s current team, the Cavaliers, leading by a narrow margin. The Cavs are +250 favorites with the Los Angeles Lakers just below them at +275.

LeBron James and Kyrie Irving are headed for a split

However, the Boston Celtics have actually been placed at +700 giving them the third-best chances at landing LeBron James. To date, none of the NBA rumors involving James’ next team have mentioned Boston. However, this team was No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference last season and now features Gordon Hayward along with fellow All-Star Isaiah Thomas and brand new rookie Jayson Tatum. The Celtics also offer James a franchise with a rich history in winning championships. Then again, so do the Los Angeles Lakers and that’s been the team most mentioned in regards to LeBron for the 2018-19 NBA season.

LeBron’s Next Team (Top Odds)

  1. Cavaliers (+250)
  2. Lakers (+275)
  3. Celtics (+700)
  4. Rockets (+1000)
  5. Spurs (+1000)
  6. Timberwolves (+1400)
  7. Sixers (+1600)
  8. Heat (+2500)
  9. Warriors (+3300)
  10. Denver Nuggets (+3300)
  11. Pelicans (+3300)
  12. Bucks (+3300)

It’s believed by plenty of NBA analysts that LeBron James has no reason to stick around with this Cavaliers organization under the current management. In addition, some people believe LeBron will head to play for the Los Angeles Lakers so he can join another talented new point guard in the league: Lonzo Ball. Further supporting the possibility of LeBron joining the Lakers is the fact he has a home in the Los Angeles area. L.A. is also considered a great place for doing business, especially with a major brand behind you. So all of these reasons seem to point towards LeBron shedding Cleveland for a much better overall climate in California.

LeBron James to join Lakers as next star after Kobe Bryant

That said, the Houston Rockets (+1000), San Antonio Spurs (+1000), and Minnesota Timberwolves (+1400) may have a shot based on their recent roster moves or current stars. The Rockets added Chris Paul to the lineup where NBA MVP finalist James Harden is already in place. Minnesota made a trade to bring Jimmy Butler to their emerging roster of young talents. The Spurs are the league’s well-oiled playoff machine, thanks to veteran coach Gregg Popovich and his latest star Kawhi Leonard.

Each of these teams carries decent odds for speculators to take a look at whether they think LeBron would prefer trying to win more titles over joining Magic’s franchise in sunny Los Angeles. However, one has to think it will be deja vu with LeBron leaving this Cavs team to join a new team with a possible emerging star at the point guard position.

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