Derick Dillard Makes ‘Racist’ Remark After Twitter Scandal, Fans Say Jill Duggar & Husband Handle Baby Poorly

Derick Dillard made another comment on social media that made his fans uncomfortable. After tweeting about how transgender is a “myth,” the husband of Jill Duggar responded to a comment on Instagram in what the fans are calling a “racist” way. On top of it, Jill and Derick are coming under fire for potentially poor treatment of their child Israel and baby Samuel.

Recently, Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard announced that they will not be returning to Central America to continue their missionary work. Instead, they stated on their family blog that they will focus on “Northwestern Arkansas” to help the cause of Christian organizations based in that region.

To celebrate his new job at Cross Church College, helping lead worship service targeted at college-age followers, and to soften some of the anger that he sparked through his attack on transgender TLC star Jazz Jennings, he posted a picture with his son Israel on Twitter.

But that also had an adverse affect on the way fans perceive his family. When Jill & Jessa Counting On fans noticed that baby Israel had a “black eye,” they began to speak up.

“Personally I am more concerned with the repetitive black eyes your son sports,” a fan commented on the picture.

Another fan wrote, “What is ALWAYS wrong with poor Izzys eyes?!? IF that’s allergies take the poor kid to the doc!!”

Check out the photo that has caused much commotion.

The Duggars are famous for enforcing blanket training on their young kids. It involves parents teaching their babies to stay on the blanket by using corporal punishment. After an uproar, they stopped posting about it on social media, but some fans, like in the case of Israel’s black eye, think that Jill and Derick may still be using an outdated method of disciplining their children.

Unfortunately, this photo wasn’t the end to his social media scandals this week. He shared a story about dealing with his 2-year-old son Israel and how he was calling him out for lying.

Many fans did not see the humor he intended for this Twitter post. In most cases, they saw a parent trying to have the upper hand in an argument.

“Trying to stunt your child’s emotional development, I see,” a fan commented on his tweet. “Sad.”

Jill Duggar’s husband made the worst grammatical mistake of all when he responded to a question a fan posed on Instagram. His follower asked whether her Chinese husband would feel welcome in Cross Church, and Derick responded rather carelessly.

Most of the fans agreed that this is a joke gone wrong and that he needed to have put more thought into it before replying.

“I honestly don’t think that was a deliberate racist comment,” a fan commented. “I think he was trying to be funny…stupid, ignorant…but not malicious.”

“I just have seen his comment and thought someone had asked him about his meal preferences – either Italian or Chinese,” another wrote. “I would have never guessed that he answered a question on a person’s background. I truly hope this has consequences for him.”

But some fans noted that considering that Jill Duggar’s husband is in a leadership position, he should have much better awareness in how he uses his words to interact with potential church goers.

“It was a horrible joke,” a fan remarked. “And yes, borderline racist. Let’s not make excuses for him.”

Do you think Jill and Derick Dillard will become even more careful about what they post and say on Instagram and Twitter? Let us know in the comments below!

[Featured Image by Derick Dillard/Twitter]