Weird And Wacky Eclipse Ploys Include Breast Implants

Roz Zurko - Author

Aug. 19 2017, Updated 8:14 a.m. ET

It looks as if the looming total solar eclipse is already doing a lot of strange things to people in the days leading up to the event. People everywhere are using the solar eclipse as a reason to sell you a new car or to suggest it’s time for you to find a new love.

There are those who fear that the total solar eclipse will bring doom and catastrophe. Reports that birds may no longer chirp and drop to the ground signifying the end of days are out there and waiting for those curious or gullible readers to come along and soak it up.

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One popular conspiracy theorist gives us five days from the total solar eclipse to live. His name is Pastor Paul Begley who hosts a radio show full of pending doom. Apparently, it is the line of travel from the West Coast to the East Coast that signifies this doom for Begley, according to the Express News.

While he does make it sound rather chilling, he’s been predicting the apocalypse for a long time. But each time an event is supposed to spark the start of it, the flowers continue to bloom, the sun continues to shine, and the birds don’t fall from trees; instead, they continue to fly. Meaning, his predictions haven’t been very accurate in the past. Some have even tied Nostradamus into the picture, as seen below.

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According to Page Six, the eclipse has been exploited by a slew of marketers and publicists attempting to sell you everything from “tequila, Jewish cuisine, and a $6 million house.”

Perhaps one of the strangest tie-ins to the solar eclipse comes from a plastic surgeon from Nashville Tennessee. The plastic surgeon used the solar eclipse as a comparison to breast implants in a pitch that came across the desk at Page Six.

First of all, the picture of a breast augmentation client appeared topless, but where her breast should have been highlighted for the augmentation job she just received, there were two lenses, each showing a solar eclipse. You can see that post from Twitter below.

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The advice the plastic surgeon had for those thinking about getting some enhancement in that area was tied into the eclipse. They said, “Just like staring at the eclipse for too long can damage your eyes, looking at enormously oversized implants can ‘hurt’ our vision as well.”

According to Page Six, this sentence was used to demonstrate how well versed the doctor is in proper proportions when it comes to enlarging the breasts. They also suggested that just like the eclipse, once the breast implants were in, there could also be a viewing party.

This plastic surgeon might have found a creative way to tie the eclipse into his business, but that won’t matter if what some folks from the online world have conjured up comes true. That would be a secret planet crashing into Earth.

Some people suggest that the solar eclipse will bring with it a secret planet that is aligned and ready to “smash into Earth.” Yes, the planet has a name according to The Sun, it’s called Nibiru. This is an online dreamed-up catastrophe, but some folks are gravitating toward it.

Much like the other predictions, they may be interesting, but the great scientific minds from across the globe haven’t whispered a word of this collision, so it appears to be another fantasy that the solar eclipse has in tow. According to the Idle Monkey, where you can read all about this weird fantasy, they’ve heard from the space experts about this online conspiracy/hoax. NASA said,

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“Nibiru and other stories about wayward planets are an Internet hoax. There is no factual basis for these claims.”

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There you have it, Monday will bring Tuesday and all the other days that are due to follow. The total eclipse will be an awesome sight to behold, but that’s about all it will offer. The world will continue on as it always does despite this rare total solar eclipse that is headed your way.

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