Tesla Model 3 Owners Can Unlock Their Vehicle By Simply Walking To It, Thanks To App-Centered System

It seems like the Tesla Model 3 really embodies the future of vehicles, and not just because it runs fully on an electric motor. Recently, the EV-maker released images of the mass-market car’s key card and app-based unlocking system. Needless to say, the idea and execution of the technology seem to be on point.

According to a recent report from Electrek, Tesla recently released a number of official shots showing how the Model 3 would be unlocked using the company’s official app and the vehicle’s key card. Previous Tesla vehicles, such as the Model S and the Model X, already use an app-based system that can unlock the cars. Despite this, however, the Model S and Model X still utilize a traditional key fob for owners to gain access to their EVs. Tesla’s pictures of the system could be viewed here.

Not so with the Model 3. If Tesla’s new announcements are any indication, the upcoming mass-market electric car won’t use a key fob at all. Instead, the vehicle would primarily use Tesla’s smartphone application to unlock their vehicles, as noted by a report from the Guardian.

The app will be compatible with both iOS and Android users, and it will connect to the mass-market EV using Bluetooth technology. What’s particularly convenient is the fact that when the Model 3 detects its owner’s phone within a prescribed distance, the car will automatically unlock itself. This is pretty much the same system in place with the Model S and the Model X’s key fob.


The Model S and the Model X are also fully compatible with the Tesla app, but in order to unlock the EV using the system, users will need to tap the app or use the Tesla widget. With the Model 3, all users need to do is walk up to their vehicle and the smartphone application will do its magic.

Of course, with an app-based system like this, the inconveniences of a smartphone running out of power is a very real concern. With this in mind, Tesla is also providing a key card to Model 3 owners. The key card, which will have an embedded NFC chip, is pretty slim, with Tesla stating that it would be sleek enough to fit in any wallet.

While Model 3 owners using the key card will not be able to unlock the EV by just walking up to the car, users will simply need to swipe the card on the M3’s B pillar in order to unlock the vehicle. Once inside, the key card can be placed in a slot to start the car. Just above the slot for the key card also lies a dock for two smartphones, so that Model 3 users can charge their devices with the all-important app on the go.


With an app-based system in place, Model 3 owners could truly enjoy the perks and conveniences of being a Tesla owner.

[Featured Image by Tesla]