Diddy Vlogs About Sarah Palin

Diddy has proclaimed that “Sarah Palin. . . she scares me” in update #24 to his vlog collection. I just wish he would have told us why.

After his short video intro, Diddy cuts to Palin’s recent interview with Katie Couric, where she spoke about her choice of reading material, and then heads back to huffing and puffing underneath the covers with a flashlight. Instead of telling us why Palin could be considered scary, Diddy sounds inarticulate. This doesn’t make for a convincing argument against someone who has left a trail of problematic interviews in her wake. Couldn’t he use a cheat sheet or something?

I’m disappointed. Instead of creating an informative sound bite or at least something funny, Diddy ends up looking like he’s mocking the people with whom he identifies (everyone who’s scared of Sarah Palin). WTF, Diddy? This was his chance.