Jake Paul Controversy: YouTube Star Loses Close To 100,000 Subscribers After Allegations Of Abuse

Jake Paul is over, the internet has apparently decided.

The YouTube star has been embroiled in something of a feud with Alissa Violet that led to allegations of abuse being laid against Paul on Friday. This claim blew up across the internet, pushing fans into different camps and leading to Paul’s critics to decide that his career would be over — just hours after he reached a major milestone.

Just Jared Jr. summed up how the Jake Paul feud started, with Jake revealing in a video this his assistant was assaulted by someone that looked like Violet’s boyfriend, FaZe.

This led to Alissa defending herself and her boyfriend and leveling her own allegation of abuse against Jake Paul.

“The REAL truth is about to come out,” she wrote on Twitter. “Should’ve never lied. Tornados coming. Oh you want to talk about assault, jake? Sit your a** down. Do you guys know why I have a bunch of scars and permaninant [sic] bruises on my body?”

This led many fans to lash out against Jake Paul, and on Twitter, the hashtag #JakePaulIsOverParty shot to the top of the trending hashtags in the United States. The allegations came just hours after Paul celebrated reaching the 10 million subscriber milestone on his YouTube page, putting him among a very select group of YouTubers.

But after the abuse allegations were leveled against Jake Paul, he saw a sharp drop in subscribers, more than 100,000 in the first few hours after Alissa Violet made the claim against the 20-year-old.

It has been a rough month for Jake Paul, who saw his career take a major hit after a story from Los Angeles news station KTLA local news showed how frustrated neighbors in his West Hollywood neighborhood had become with Paul’s loud and disruptive behavior.

Paul had a defiant response, mocking a reporter who came to interview him and appearing almost proud of the disruption he brought to the neighborhood.

“The neighbors hate me,” he said. When the reporter asked what he felt about neighbors who were put off by the loud behavior of Paul and his friends, he answered, “I mean, but people like going to circuses, right?”

The clip led to widespread scorn for Jake Paul, with the New York Times dubbing him “a reality villain for the YouTube generation.” Disney, a company that had previously fired YouTube giant PewDiePie after an expose of the anti-Semitic images he included in his videos, moved quickly to cut ties with Jake Paul, firing him from the Disney Channel show Bizaardvark.

In the hours after the allegation from Alissa Violet, the consequences keep coming for Jake Paul. In the early morning hours on Saturday, he continued to lose YouTube subscribers at a rate of several thousand per hour.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]