Meek Mill Arrested For Reckless Endangerment Because Of Illegal Dirt Bike Riding in NYC

Meek Mill was arrested in New York on Thursday Night and he has a video he recorded to thank for that. Mill was arrested for reckless endangerment after he was caught illegally dirt biking, after the rapper posted an Instagram video that recorded the incident. The video has since been deleted.

The 30-year-old rapper, whose real name is Robert Rihmeek Williams, was arrested around 10:00 p.m. on the corner of 10th Avenue and Dyckman St., Us Weekly reported.

According to The NYPD, Meek Mill violated traffic laws when he rode his motorcycle in Manhattan traffic without a helmet. The “Ima Boss” rapper was reportedly “popping wheelies” and just generally wreaking havoc on the street, Vulture reported. Mill recorded his arrest on Instagram Live and you can hear an officer say, “I got pictures and video of you riding up and down.”

In a statement, Meek’s lawyer, Joseph Tacopina, claimed that his client was unfairly targeted because he’s a celebrity.

“That level of investigation is normally reserved for heinous crimes, not for petty offenses like doing a wheelie on the street where you’re endangering no one’s life but your own.”

Tacopina also said that the police saw Meek Mill popping wheelies and didn’t do anything to stop him. Then the video came out and Tacopina implies that that was the catalyst that prompted the police to arrest Meek Mill. Mill was arrested while he was at a basketball camp for kids, according to Us Weekly.

ABC reported that Meek Mill was tardy for his court appearance so he wasn’t arraigned. He ended up having to spend the night in jail so that he could stand before a judge on Friday. TMZ reveals that prosecutors have chosen not to pursue felony reckless endangerment charges against Meek, which is good news for his rap-sheet.

Mill, who used to date female rap superstar, Nicki Minaj, has had a troubled relationship with the law in the past. He was convicted in 2008 for gun and drug possession. In 2016, he was sentenced to 90 days of house arrest for violating his probation. As Us Weekly reported in March, Meek was arrested in March as well, after a fight broke out between him and an official at the St Louis International airport.

According to ABC, it’s illegal to ride ATV’s or dirt-bikes anywhere in New York City. There have reportedly been numerous complaints about off-road vehicles in the neighborhood where Meek had his ill-fated joy ride. Last year, the city spearheaded a crackdown on ATV’s and seized over 1,600 vehicles. Most of these were crushed at a public event.


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