Amazon Begins "International Kindle" Hype Machine, Ready To Square Off Against Barnes And Noble "Nook" Ereader

James Johnson

The folks at Amazon could be getting a little nervous with the new found realization that Barnes and Noble will release their "Nook" E-reader in November. Currently the company is featuring the Kindle with International Wireless smack dab in the middle of their homepage.

The International version of the Kindle was released in the past week and features access to downloadable 3G speeds in over 100 countries including the U.S. with no additional fees or contracts to worry about. The International unit also comes in at a respectable 1/3 inches in thickness (approx.) and holds up to 1,500 books at one time.

Users can pick up the readers in two sizes, 6" diagonal E Ink® display which offers International Wireless capabilities for $259.00 and a 9" diagonal E Ink® screens with the later increasing book storage size to 3,500 books but only currently offered for U.S. downloads and priced significantly higher at $489.00

While both options are featured on the product page, it's the international wireless option that's prominently mentioned on the home page.

Barnes and Noble in the meantime will release the "Nook" E-reader in November while offering large discounts on Barnes and Noble published books that are downloaded directly to their device. Much like the Kindle the Nook will also feature" e-ink" type technology and will come equipped with a secondary screen in color which is housed on what I personally consider a much better looking overall design than the Kindle. The Nook also runs Google Android OS which has been largely hyped up over the last year.

This should be an interesting battle to witness...stay tuned.