Real Reason Why Finn Balor Waited To Bring Back ‘The Demon King’ Revealed

Finn Balor has not been seen as “The Demon King” on WWE programming since WWE Summerslam last year. He defeated Seth Rollins to become the first WWE Universal Champion. Balor’s win didn’t last long, but he established his darker persona with the WWE Universe and in WWE history. Unfortunately, Balor’s “Demon” hasn’t been featured since, but there is a reason why the powers that be have not brought it back.

It has been reported that Finn Balor and WWE officials are finally bringing back ‘The Demon King’ for the biggest party of the summer because the powers that be want to feature the persona as something special for Balor. Therefore, it’s only expected to be used for really big match situations. Since returning to WWE television earlier this year, Finn hasn’t been involved in many matches that would need “The Demon King.”

WWE officials are clearly being careful about overusing the gimmick, but another reason is that Finn Balor will be booked much stronger with the face paint to really sell the persona. He’s expected to win most of his matches as “The Demon King,” which is another big reason why the persona hasn’t been featured on WWE television since Balor’s return. WWE officials didn’t want to make a decision that hurt his unique gimmick.

Reason Why Finn Balor Hasnt Brought Back Demon King Revealed

What WWE officials are protecting more than anything is the atmosphere Balor creates with his face paint because the more often Finn uses the gimmick, the less impact it has on the WWE Universe. WWE officials are clearly trying to make the gimmick turn Finn Balor into some kind of a superhero. Once he puts on the face paint, he transforms into something greater. Finn is likely to lose many matches as “The Demon King.”

Finn Balor Will Face Bray Wyatt at WWE Summerslam

Suffice to say, Finn Balor is expected to get the victory over Bray Wyatt at WWE Summerslam this Sunday night. After a year of waiting, WWE fans will finally get to see “The Demon King” inside the Barclays Center during the biggest party of the summer. It should be an interesting dynamic since Balor and Wyatt are both darker characters. Their match has the potential to steal the show, but the fans need to wait until Sunday.

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