One More Off Arya Stark's List? 'Game Of Thrones' Plot Leak Hints Sansa's Sister Will Kill More In Season 7

Arya Stark made a list of people she is going to kill. According to Game Of Thrones plot leaks, she is going to kill more people in Season 7.

Warning: Spoilers and major leak details ahead!

One Game Of Thrones character who has survived it all is Littlefinger. Just like many others on the show, he also is after the Iron Throne. However, his strategies have been different. He is not a warrior. He is rather a plotter. So far, he has been extremely successful in his conspiracies. But his end game may be near if Season 7 plot leaks are to be believed.

After HBO Spain mistakenly aired GoT S07E06, it is now clear that Littlefinger is up to his original game of dividing his enemies. At the moment, he is trying to play Sansa off against her sister. Littlefinger, being the master of his game, is using an old letter to manipulate the Starks. Littlefinger has been doing this since Season 1.

But this time, things have changed. Sansa and Arya have seen a lot in their life after their father was beheaded. The Stark sisters have experienced things no princess ever has. And they also have Bran with them now, with all his superpowers.

Last year, when Reddit user /u/awayforthelads leaked the entire Season 7 plot, many were pretty unsure about the authenticity of it. Many of the twists in the tale sounded almost impossible to happen. However, since Season 7 started, all the elements in the plot leak have turned out to be true.

HBO Spain mistakenly aired GoT S07E06.
HBO Spain mistakenly aired 'GoT' S07E06. [Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

The leak has, so far, been successful in revealing about Tyrion secretly meeting with Jaime, Sam curing Jorah, and Daenerys Targaryen attacking Jaime's army. The leak also predicted that Visrion would turn into an Ice Dragon, and the Night's King would ride it to The Wall.

According to the leak that many consider "legit," Sansa is more capable of handling Littlefinger than previously thought. This time, Littlefinger's conspiracy against the Starks would not be successful.

Arya originally had 11 names on the list that did not include Petyr Baelish.
Arya Stark originally had 11 names on the list that did not include Littlefinger. [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

With the help of Bran, Sansa will be able to identify how evil Littlefinger's plans are. She will have him executed. The Daily Mail points out that none other than Arya is going to execute Littlefinger.

Arya originally had 11 names on her kill-list that did not include Petyr Baelish. If she knew how much Littlefinger was responsible for her father's death, she would have included him anyway. The question is if Bran will help her know about Littlefinger's role in Ned Stark's death and make it easier for her to kill Lord Baelish.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 will officially air this Sunday. Those who have already watched the leaked version may like to wait until August 27 to watch the next installment. Fans will be curious to see if Littlefinger really gets executed in Episode 7.

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