Specific Process For How Triple H And Vince McMahon Call-Up NXT Superstars To The Main Roster Revealed

A lot of passionate WWE fans want to know the process behind the scenes of how NXT Superstars become WWE Superstars. Over recent years, some fans have criticized the powers that be for bringing up an NXT star too soon, or keeping a talent in NXT for too long. Passionate fans can feel the momentum of a performer, so the logic is to push them when they’re red-hot, but Triple H has revealed the process is a lot more complicated.

The Game just participated in the regular media call that happens before every NXT Takeover event. With NXT Takeover: Brooklyn II coming up this weekend, Triple H spoke on a variety of topics regarding NXT, and he went into a great amount of detail about how he and Vince McMahon make the decision to call-up a talent from NXT and bring them to the main roster. For starters, The Game revealed his ultimate goal.

“It’s my job to then creatively work with the team both main roster and my own team to say when is the right strategic time to put the person into the right place that they need to go to so they have the best opportunity in front of them and to make sure they’re ready.”

Vince McMahon Has Control Of All Talents After NXT

Triple H revealed a lot about how he and Vince McMahon talk about the talent in NXT that are on the cusp of being moved to Raw or SmackDown Live. In a nutshell, The Boss trusts Triple H and his team to have their opinion on a talent’s progress in developmental. Vince will occasionally ask for an update on someone, but he mostly lets Triple H make the call. More than anything, the latter just wants to give him the best chance.

Bobby Roode Will Defend the NXT Championship Against Drew McIntyre Next

It’s easy for the fans to watch WWE programming and say that Bayley, Finn Balor, or Bobby Roode are “too good” for NXT. Neither Vince, nor Triple H doubts the talent of someone like Bobby Roode. WWE officials are trying to pick the right time based on a talent’s progression. The timing has to be right on WWE television as well, and roster moves should benefit the continued growth of NXT as the third brand in the company.

Of course, mistakes are made. However, NXT has also taken over Raw and SmackDown over the past three years. If you look at the main roster, a great number of WWE Superstars on both brands came up through the NXT system. Wrestling fans can have high expectations for a debut on the main roster, especially for a wrestler they’ve known for awhile. The ultimate goal of the process to make everyone is in the best position to be successful, but it’s just a reality that not everyone will be. However, the process has worked for many.

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