'Death Note' Hollywood Adaptation: Here's What Tsugumi Ohba And Takeshi Obata Have To Say

Netflix is trying to position itself as one of the best destinations for the anime and manga fandom, and the Hollywood adaptation of Death Note will start streaming soon. While the Americanized version of the popular Japanese manga has been met with various criticisms for being whitewashed and not staying true, the original creators of the series Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata released another statement revealing their thoughts about Death Note's Netflix adaptation.

The Death Note movie director Adam Wingard had a different interpretation of the classic manga. Since the story was adapted for the U.S. audience, the Netflix adaptation of the series was mostly stripped of its cultural aspects. During the San Diego Comic-Con, executive producer Masi Oka shared how happy he felt after hearing Ohba and Obata loved Death Note's Hollywood adaptation.

This time, the two creators released separate statements on their personal feedback on Wingard's creative decision involving Death Note. While many fans remain critical about the film, those who watched the pre-screening revealed the movie was better than expected. These official statements should set the minds of Death Note's fanbase knowing Ohba and Obata have glowing things to say about the Netflix adaptation of the popular manga.

Tsugumi Ohba praised Adam Wingard for creating an "A-level thriller masterpiece," adding that all characters stayed "faithful to satisfying their desires." Ohba added how he always wanted to write Death Note in a similar manner. With Netflix's global reach, Ohba hopes that those who did not know about Death Note will come to appreciate the series.

Meanwhile, Death Note illustrator Takeshi Obata shared the movie was beyond his expectations with "high level of quality, sophistication, and attention to every detail. " Obata added Wingard's version is what Death Note's Hollywood adaptation should be. He also expressed how he was personally engrossed with the movie's ending.

While Obata had glowing comments for the movie, he acknowledged that the story "both followed and diverged" from the original series albeit in a good way. For him, these will allow not only fans but also a bigger audience to enjoy the story. With just a week before the official release of the movie, it wouldn't be long before the fandom can judge the film for themselves.

Death Note is scheduled for release on Netflix on Friday, August 25.

[Featured Image by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images]