‘GH’ Shocker: Robert Palmer Watkins Out As Dillon Quartermaine

Robert Palmer Watkins has been the face of Dillon Quartermaine on General Hospital since 2015. There was minimal hesitation when he stepped into the role that was vacated by Scott Clifton years prior. Watkins seemed to fit the bill and quickly became eye candy for the younger viewers to swoon over. The storyline with Lulu (Emme Rylan) finding out Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) was cheating on her was perfectly executed by the young actor. He is currently part of the GH couple, “Killon” (Kiki and Dillon). Robert and Hayley Erin have amazing chemistry, and their storyline is just starting to develop.

There have been some major cast shake-ups on the set of General Hospital, and the latest one is one that no one saw coming. According to ABC Soaps In Depth, Robert Palmer Watkins has been let go from the soap. This is eerily reminiscent of what happened to Rebecca Budig (Hayden) earlier this summer. Watkins is reportedly feeling blindsided by the news, but no official statement has been given. This confuses fans because, as of now, it doesn’t look like there is an exit for Dillon Quartermaine in the near future. Some fans are speculating there may be a recast because of the storyline with Kiki, but no one knows for sure what to expect. The GH executives can expect a lot of push back from this decision, especially with it being on the heels of Budig’s exit.

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Just a few days ago, it was announced that Alla Korot had been added to the General Hospital cast. With Robert Palmer Watkins being let go, there are a lot of unanswered questions. Why are new cast members being hired? What was the basis for their decision on Watkins? Will there be a Dillon Quartermaine recast? This is a lot of information for fans of the show who spend a lot of time investing in the characters and storylines. In fact, it was recently presented that Dillon and Ned (Wally Kurth) may try and take ELQ from Michael (Chad Duell). If that was the case, why did they reportedly fire Watkins?

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With a huge sweeps period just two months away, General Hospital executives are cleaning house and bringing back familiar faces. Robert Palmer Watkins has always been active on social media, sharing his life with fans. Most recently, he shared photos from the movie he was filming. Initially, fans believed he was taking a short break from the soap, but that is not the case. Dillon Quartermaine won’t be the same without Robert Palmer Watkins in the role, and fans are already upset by the shocking news.

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