‘Dancing With The Stars’ Pro Mortified Poolside After Pulling Off Her Shorts

Sharna Burgess, one of the fabulous dancing pros on Dancing with the Stars, decided to let her modesty fall by the wayside with an online post about a poolside incident that left her mortified at the time. A day in the sun by the pool with her pal started out low-keyed, but it only took one small movement to throw Burgess into a state of embarrassment.

It seems Burgess was hanging out at the pool with her friend, Lindsay Arnold, which is a name you might recognize from So You Think You Can Dance. When first arriving, she was getting prepared to soak up that sun in her bikini by taking off her clothes, which harbored her swimsuit beneath for her journey to the pool.

This was a pool that many people were enjoying at the time, including kids, so there wasn’t anything risque about the crowd at all. It was more like the family-hour from the description Burgess gave while describing the incident on her Instagram video.

According to Fox News, when Burgess removed her shorts, she accidentally went one layer too far, and her entire bikini bottom came off with the shorts. In her own words on an Instagram video, Burgess said while laughing,

“I was right here in the middle of all the people… lots of children here, and, uh, I go to pull my shorts down, and I kind of took everything.”

Arnold joined Burgess on this Instagram video offering up this event that left the dancing pro totally mortified at first. Arnold caught a glimpse of the incident just as Burgess had her shorts around her ankles. Arnold said on the video,

“I turned around… and let’s just say the view I got was a full-frontal nude view, with her pants around… her ankles. Let’s just say Sharna’s face was sheer freakin’ panic.”

You can hear the ladies describe the incident in their own words in the tweet below.

“Panic” is probably what anyone would experience the second they realize their under carriage is exposed. While her bikini bottom was off for only “a second,” which is what the Dancing With The Stars pro indicated, she still was “mortified” by what she had just accidentally done.

According to Us Weekly, they describe the incident as Burgess accidentally “flashed everyone around her,” at that Arizona public pool. The 32-year-old Australian dancer was devastated and mortified by the incident.

Keeping it light and on the comical side, Burgess said that she is sharing her embarrassing mistake with the thought “If you’re having a bad day, I hope this cheers you up.”

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