'Kindred Spirits': Paranormal Investigators Amy Bruni And Adam Berry Return In September

Paranormal investigators Amy Bruni and Adam Berry (Ghost Hunters) will return next month for the second season of their latest series, Kindred Spirits, according to TLC. The ghost hunters will debut this new season of paranormal investigations in the Lizzie Borden House, where Lizzie allegedly axed her parents to death. While that haunted location has been featured on many other paranormal TV shows, Bruni and Berry have a new twist this time around. Instead of searching for spirits of the Borden family, they are looking for the grandparents of one of the tour guides, and even enlisting help from the spirits of the Bordens to try to contact them.

Paranormal fans, you probably haven't seen that before, right?

lizzie borden house on Kindred Spirits
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Bruni And Berry Start Their Second Season of 'Kindred Spirits'

Kindred Spirits debuted last year, pairing BFF paranormal investigators Bruni and Berry in their own series after they moved on from Syfy's Ghost Hunters. Unlike Ghost Hunters, where the TAPS team investigated historic buildings such as asylums and hospitals, Bruni and Berry paired up on Kindred Spirits to help everyday people facing paranormal phenomena in their homes. In the case of this debut episode of Season 2 of Kindred Spirits, the Lizzie Borden House isn't technically a residence, but it is a former family residence that has been converted into a museum and bed and breakfast.

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'Kindred Spirits' Brings In Psychic Chip Coffey To Help

Sue, one of the tour guides for the popular paranormal tourist spot, has been advised by several psychics that her grandparents are there trying to reach her, and she feels she might be in danger given some of the misfortunes and health problems that have plagued co-workers. She's so afraid of the basement that Bruni and Berry decide to call in psychic Chip Coffey (Paranormal State) to help with their investigation and to try to make contact with the spirits of her grandparents and anyone else lurking there.

Kindred Spirits Lizzie Borden House
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Suffice it to say that like the other investigations you may have watched for Kindred Spirits, the paranormal power duo and psychic Coffey find plenty of interesting evidence in the press screener for the episode. They also discover some other tragic history in the Borden family around that location that may be contributing to the haunting. Also note that continuing the tradition of the first season of Kindred Spirits, you might be well-advised to keep a box of tissues handy.

Kindred Spirits debuts September 15 at 9 pm (ET) on TLC. You can also catch Coffey at some upcoming Ghost Hunt Weekends events and Bruni and Berry on Mackinac Island hosting a paranormal event in October with Strange Destinations.

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