‘One Piece’ Episode 802 Spoilers: How Will The Exhausted Luffy Fight Against Crackers Biscuit Army?

It looks like Luffy will be facing quite a predicament in the upcoming One Piece Episode 802 of the anime series. With no more haki left for him to execute powerful attacks, he will have to be creative for him to survive the fight against Cracker and his minions of hardened biscuit soldiers.

Luffy’s Problem

In the previous episode of the anime One Piece, which may be viewed on a number of online sites such as KissAnime, Luffy was really having a hard time beating Cracker. The Sweet Commander’s biscuit soldiers are simply too tough that it takes a considerable effort on Luffy’s part to overcome even a single soldier.

The problem is even aggravated because, by merely clapping his hands, Cracker can summon a seemingly endless supply of the tough biscuit soldiers to fight for him. But fortunately, Luffy thought of a brilliant plan of attack. Using the stronger gear fourth attack Gum-Gum King Kong Gun, he managed to take out all of Cracker’s hardened creations.

But luck was not just on Luffy’s side. Just when it would have been a fight between him and Cracker, he ran out of energy to complete his attack. Thus, he deflated like a balloon, floating through the air and landing a considerable distance away from Cracker. But with the Commander’s numerous biscuit soldiers, it took him no time at all to locate the spent Luffy.

So how will the spent Luffy fight the horde of hardened biscuit soldiers in the coming One Piece Episode 802? The battle will indeed take on a totally unexpected turn as Luffy will eventually find a way to use Cracker’s endless supply of biscuit soldiers to his advantage and power his next attack.

However, Luffy will not be able to recharge his depleted energy on his own. In fact, defeating the overpowered Cracker will be a team effort as he will need the weather manipulation skills of Lucy to soften thing up a bit for Luffy.

Sanji Discovers Germa 66 Secret

Meanwhile, Sanji will uncover a big secret in the coming One Piece Episode 802. One of Sanji’s siblings will take him inside their laboratory revealing something very important about the origins of the Germa 66 army.

Apparently, Judge Vinsmoke was once a member of an elite but secretive group of brilliant scientists who will stop at nothing to create the perfect weapon and soldier. One of the experiments they conducted was genetic manipulations and when their group was disbanded by the World Government, Judge continued his research eventually creating the perfect army now known as the Germa 66.

But with Judge’s ambitions, it is possible that he did not just stop there. Are Sanji and his siblings the result of Judge’s scientific experiments as well?


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