Brad Pitt Refuses To Reconcile With Angelina Jolie Due To Child Abuse Claims , Jolie Second-Guessing Choices

It’s been a whirlwind year for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt who were thrown even more into the spotlight last September when Angelina announced she would be filing for divorce from the Allied star and seeking full physical custody,

The process got off to a rocky start for the estranged A-list couple, known to the world as Brangelina, due to an FBI investigation being launched against Pitt for child abuse claims, for which he was swiftly cleared. Pitt also sought addictions counseling and was restricted to supervised visits of his six children.

By January, the stars agreed to work amicably for the best interest of their brood and since this point the low blows have pretty well ceased. The recent reports even stated that Brad and Angelina are considering a reconciliation, yet those claims were stamped out as false by a rep who insist that the divorce is moving forward and is in “high gear,” as TMZ reports

Additional rumors indicate that a reason Pitt refuses to reconcile has to do with the launched FBI investigation against him due to allegations of child abuse brought forth by Jolie. The allegations were described by a source as being “extremely damaging,” and revolved around an incident on a private jet during which Pitt was allegedly intoxicated and lunged at his 16-year-old son, Maddox.

It was mere days after the jet incident that Angelina announced she was filing for divorce and seeking full custody, which reportedly blindsided Brad at the time.

Mercury News relays how Angelina has struggled since launching the divorce last September and shares words of an insider that claims Jolie is the one who is “second -guessing her choices,” and not fully wanting the divorce to move forward. The insider states that although Angelina used a “scorched earth” approach to cutting ties with Pitt, this is perhaps a sign as to “how much passion she still holds for [Brad.]”

Since the divorce proceedings have begun, Pitt has sought counseling and therapy for his addictions and admitted in a recent GQ interview that he “loves therapy” and is much happier. Angelina, on the other hand, has demonstrated her emotional side in a number of interviews, including her sit down interview with BBC, during which the UN special envoy insisted that she, Brad and the kids will “always be a family,”

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