‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Double Eviction Anticipation, Mark And Cody Targeted, Live Feeds Update

Belynda Gates Turner - Author

Aug. 18 2017, Updated 4:52 a.m. ET

Big Brother 19 spoilers from the live feeds overnight show that Mark is the latest target for tonight’s BB19 double eviction, even though Tuesday it looked like Elena was in the crosshairs of Paul’s core alliance. Paul continues to do a stunningly good job of keeping the houseguests focused on anyone but him, and the sheeple are following along nicely. Big guy Mark could be headed out the door right after Cody on tonight’s live double eviction.

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Cody and Mark – double eviction targets

Although BB19spoilers from Big Brother Network show that Elena had moved into the sights of both Alex and Josh, now it appears that Paul is pushing hard for Mark to be the next to go. And Big Brother viewers know that whatever Paul wants, he seems to get. Elena is a legit target for Alex since she cut a deal with her during the veto competition not to punish each other. Mere minutes after making that vow, Elena stole Alex’s $5k prize and slapped her with a terrible punishment.

Elena’s betrayal has effectively ruined the rest of Alex’s HoH week as she must answer the bugle call by toting a very heavy pack of supplies around, pitch a tent, set up camp, and cook hot dogs for the other houseguests. This torment goes on day and night, often repeated as soon as she’s packed up her gear, and before Alex can rest for a moment. Alex said on Wednesday’s Big Brother and on the live feeds that every time she makes hot dogs, she thinks about how Elena screwed her over in the veto comp.

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Cody hoped Elena would be a bigger target

Big Brother 19 spoilers showed Cody trying to leverage Elena as a bigger target than him for tonight’s live eviction. His scheming did not stop Alex from putting him on the chopping block as a replacement nom, but since Elena remains on the block, there’s the slimmest of chances Cody could evade eviction. Just kidding; there is no way will Paul allow Cody to stay in the house, and he’s running the majority of the HG’s games, so there seems little doubt that Cody will pack his bags and head to jury tonight.

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Although Big Brother viewers know tonight is a double eviction, the HGs are in the dark about it being a DE tonight. The good news is they’ve already selected a target for the next eviction, so they won’t be left scrambling tonight when a week of Big Brother plays out live in one hour. Mark is the one the house has settled on, although Alex and Josh have privately named Elena as their top target for eviction. Kevin should breathe a sigh of relief because this buys him another week even as the house is quietly turning against him too.

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Live feeds show Mark and Elena want Paul on the block

BB19 live feeds from late last night reveal that if Mark or Elena wins tonight’s double eviction HoH comp, Paul will wind up on the block, likely alongside Josh. The latter has been a constant source of harassment and irritation to both Mark and Elena. Plus, Paul is maneuvering the house to do what he wants them to do, and they are the only ones woke to that reality. They realize Paul could win this and want to knock him out of the running to give them a greater chance to get farther in the game.

With the double eviction looming, the BB19 houseguests are in the dark but suspect a DE is coming soon. Mark and Elena would try and break up the power block and take out Paul but would settle for Josh leaving if they can’t get out the vet. At 10 p.m. on the live feeds last night, Paul told Jason and Alex that Mark needs to go next and then Kevin. Elena doesn’t seem to be on their radar anymore, even though Alex has been talking big about Elena. With the targets on both sides of the house set, tonight’s double eviction should not be missed.

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