'90 Day Fiance' Shocker: Which Cast Member Has Been Revealed To Be A Convicted Felon?

Bernadette R. Giacomazzo

It's no surprise that there are more than a few elements of 90 Day Fiance that are fake. After all, "reality shows" feature more than a few elements that are scripted, and that's been the case since the first-ever The Real World aired in the 1990s. But this latest 90 Day Fiance shocker is beyond the scope of any "fake" accusation -- it turns out that there's a cast member that isn't who he claims to be, and shockingly, the convicted felon isn't the one everyone thinks.

In Touch Weekly is reporting that Paul Staehle, the star of 90 Day Fiance who literally traveled thousands of miles into the Amazon to be with his potential bride, Karine -- with whom he has difficulty communicating because he can't speak Portuguese and she can't speak English -- has a criminal background that he can't escape from, and he's yet to tell her about it.

"According to the Kentucky corrections website, Paul was found guilty of felony arson in 2014. Back in 2007, he allegedly committed second-degree arson and 'Burning Personal Property To Defraud Insurer' and was convicted seven years later. Starcasm added, 'The site says he is currently being supervised under shock probation, which means that he probably served a brief amount of time in jail before being released. The site also indicates that his supervision is scheduled to end in April of 2020.'"

— Maria Vultaggio (@mariamzzarella) August 4, 2017

However, never once did Paul allude to the fact that the "serious trouble" was a felony conviction on the show.

Despite keeping this secret from Karine, it doesn't look like his relationship with her is going to last. On a previous episode of 90 Day Fiance, Paul admitted that the biggest problem they have is the language barrier. In addition to the Portuguese-English barrier, the translator app that they use to communicate with one another doesn't always work properly, so things get "lost" in translation. What's more, Paul doesn't like bugs, and Karine doesn't want to move to America because she's very happy in the Amazon.

— Maria Vultaggio (@mariamzzarella) June 25, 2017

Fans of the show, now it's your turn to sound off: do you think Paul and Karine will last? Do you think that Paul should tell Karine about his criminal background, or does it not matter?

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