Did McDonald’s Just Confirm The iPhone 8’s Design?

While we already have an idea of how the iPhone 8’s design will turn out thanks to prototype and case leaks, we still don’t have an official preview from Apple. But a huge enterprise might just have leaked the design.

Email From McDonald’s Leaks iPhone 8?

In an email sent to customers, McDonald’s used a photo of a device where its offer is displayed. The mobile phone doesn’t look any phone that’s currently in the market, and it looks exactly the same as the alleged iPhone 8 that we’ve been seeing for a while now. The cut-out detail at the top, edge-to-edge screen display, and the 2.5D display are the key characteristics of the upcoming 10th anniversary iPhone.

However, this doesn’t mean that Apple has revealed what the iPhone 8 looks like to McDonald’s. The restaurant’s creative team may just have pulled out a random image from the internet, which just so happens to be one of the most talked about handsets in recent times, and used it for their campaign.

In other words, we really can’t say that the email was a leak. But it’s not as if we needed another leak when the official reveal is a month away. There’s a high chance that Apple will unveil a device that looks like the one from McDonald’s email.

iPhone 8 Wireless Charging Feature Is Almost Certain

Another leak revealed that wireless charging on the iPhone 8 is a go. Know Your Mobile reports of a reliable tipster with the Twitter handle @mmddj_china posting an image of a component that is said to be a wireless charging pad.

It may be the first tangible proof of the feature, although the metal part in the photo may also be for another device. But considering the leaker’s reputation, it might be safe to say that this is indeed for the iPhone 8.

This puts more credence to the rumor that the iPhone 8 and even the iPhone 7S are coming with the wireless charging feature. The docks, however, will be sold separately as an accessory; much like the wireless earpods that Apple introduced last year. As of now, we don’t have an idea how much it’ll cost.

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