‘My 600-lb Life’ Assanti Bros Update: Steven Forgets Brother’s Help In Heartwarming Update, Justin Responds

If there is one thing that could be determined during the Assanti brothers’ episodes in My 600-lb Life, it is the fact that Steven and Justin do not see eye to eye. Since appearing on the show, the brothers have made it a point to live apart from each other, with Steven living in Texas and Justin still residing in Rhode Island. Since then, the contact between the two brothers seems to have been quite limited. Recently, however, Justin Assanti opted to speak out and clarify some details about Steven’s latest Facebook activity.

Steven Assanti’s personal Facebook page has so far been as interesting as his My 600-lb Life episodes. Over the past few months, Steven has posted messages and uploads that are contrasting in nature. He announced that he was leaving My 600-lb Life and TLC, only to announce the show’s latest season soon after. He also posted pictures praising controversial figures such as Hitler, before deleting the post and speaking out against bullying.

If there is anything consistent with Steven Assanti’s Facebook page, however, it is his love for his cat, Cupcake. Steven took the cat in as a companion while he was in Texas, much to the horror of some My 600-lb Life viewers. When the pet appeared onscreen, it was being raised in a rather dirty apartment, and it looked quite unhealthy. Since then, however, Steven’s companion had looked a lot better than when she was seen on the show. In the elder Assanti brother’s recent Facebook posts, Cupcake already seems happy and healthy. Steven, of course, has not missed a chance to emphasize this with his social media followers.

“Cupcake is loved, and she loves me. She’s fine and is doing really well.”

In a rather unexpected turn of events, however, Justin Assanti clarified some details about Steven’s recent posts and the general improvement of Cupcake’s health. Making a rare appearance on the My 600-lb Life subreddit, Justin stated that his brother’s companion is doing a lot better not really because of his brother’s tender, loving care, but because of his personal connections. According to Justin, Cupcake is doing a lot better now because his friend’s daughter, who is a veterinarian-in-training, visited Steven and provided Cupcake with the vitamins and healthy food that she needed to be healthy.

“My friend Toni knows about animals and her daughter is a vet-in-training. She bought Cupcake the proper food. She was missing some vitamins that she would have gotten outside, but because she is an indoor cat, she was malnourished.”

Steven, rather unsurprisingly, has not mentioned Justin at all in his social media posts about his pet and how well Cupcake is currently doing. As anyone who has followed Steven in social media knows, however, such things to be entirely expected. What was surprising, of course, is Justin’s response. As it turned out, the younger Assanti brother still lends a helping hand to his brother, despite their differences.

[Featured Image by Steven John Assanti/Facebook]