‘Chicago Fire’ Season 6 Premiere Will See Time Jump

Chicago Fire fans were left reeling after the events of the Season 5 episode. The major cliffhanger left the fates of several characters hanging in the balance. It was the biggest cliffhanger since Season 2, which left the fates of almost everyone in question. Derek Haas, the showrunner of the series, has shared some details about the Chicago Fire Season 6 premiere, and there is some good news.

There will be a time jump in the show, but not right away. The time jump is more to help the writers make it clear that this is a new season. Picking up from where they left off could leave fans feeling like the premiere is Episode 23 of Season 5.

However, the time jump isn’t going to start the season. Fans will find out what happens to their beloved characters right away. In fact, the episode will open with the same shot that closed the Chicago Fire Season 5 finale. For those hoping that all the characters will return for the new season, there is some bad news. Unfortunately, we just don’t get to find out who isn’t returning.

Haas shared with the Hollywood Reporter that not everyone will make it out of the building alive in the Chicago Fire Season 6 premiere. There is certain to be at least one casualty, but there could be more. The title of the episode is “It Wasn’t Enough,” and this could be a clue as to who the casualty will be. As with all other episode titles, this is dialogue from the show, but Haas refused to share whose line it is.

The idea behind the title is that everyone thinks they have all the time in the world, but people can die within seconds. Will Severide come back from rescuing the others feeling like he didn’t do enough? Will Cruz feel his apology to Mouch wasn’t enough? Could Gaby tell the chief that she feels his actions weren’t enough?

Chicago Fire Season 6 will start with some tears and heartbreak, but the whole episode is not going to be negative. The show has never been depressing in the way that many others on TV have been. There have been uplifting and inspirational stories, even when there has been danger and death. There is hope that the premiere will be like this.

Chicago Fire Season 6 premieres on Thursday, September 28 at 10/9c on NBC.

[Featured Image by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images]