Amy Roloff Raises Hopes Of Jacob’s Return To ‘Little People, Big World,’ Says He’s Always Around Family

Jacob Roloff walked away from Little People, Big World but is never too far from its fans. Amy’s latest picture has the show’s followers talking about Jacob and has left some wondering if he’s back at the Roloff farm for good.

The Roloffs got together on the family farm earlier this month for daughter Molly’s wedding with Joel Silvius. Molly and Joel work and live in Spokane, away from the family and limelight, but they decided to exchange vows on the Roloff farm. The wedding also brought home Jacob Roloff and his girlfriend, Isabel Rock, with their two canine travel companions in tow. Images from before and after the wedding suggest Jacob continues to share a close relationship with his family, though he does not appear on Little People, Big World anymore. Jacob had walked away from the show, reportedly displeased by his family’s on-screen portrayal and alleged mistreatment accorded to him while on the show. For months now, he has been on the road with Rock.

After his recent home visit for Molly’s wedding, fans have been hoping Jacob returns to Little People, Big World. Early on Wednesday, Amy Roloff was seen playing with Jacob’s dog Luna in an Instagram image, which had fans wishing Jacob Roloff stays put on the farm.

“When things were tough between you and Jacob, you remained strong and NEVER spoke out in a negative way about or towards him. What an amazing example of unconditional love and how to be the amazing mother we all have grown to love! I was and am SO impressed with your positive attitude and complete faith that he would come back into the family fold,” wrote one fan in response to the post.

Another fan commented, “Nice to hear that Jacob is home for a visit and his dog loves you also..maybe this is just a start even if he does not want to be on the show!”

Amy Roloff cleared the air by responding to fan comments on her Facebook page, stating that her son is always around the family.

“He’s always been around – except when he was living in Cali – just not on the show the last couple of seasons”

She, however, did not comment on the prospects of Jacob’s return for future seasons of Little People, Big World.

Since Molly’s wedding, Roloff family members have shared several images that show Jacob’s presence. Roloff family patriarch Matt called his son the “coolest and best-read” man on the farm, while his brother Jeremy told LPBW fans that Jacob is a “smart dude with a good heart.” Fans hope to keep hearing about him as Little People, Big World goes on air again in September.

If he does stay put on the farm, do you think Jacob Roloff would return to LPBW?

[Featured Image by Amy Roloff/Facebook]