‘BB19’ House Explodes Once Again In Another Chaotic Fight, Who Started It This Time?

Shelby Morris - Author

Aug. 18 2017, Updated 7:33 a.m. ET

Big Brother 19 houseguests are incredibly chaotic this summer. There is no way around drama when you put total strangers from different backgrounds in a house and lock the doors. This summer just seems to be almost constant screaming and emotional meltdowns.

The following contains spoilers for BB19. If you don’t want to know what may make the editorial cut for the show, stop reading now.

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There have been a few fights in the BB19 house this afternoon. It seems like as soon as one thing is put to rest, another one rears its ugly head. Alex flipped out on Cody in the kitchen. She had given him a box of her cereal so he could take a bowl and return the box. Well, he never gave the box back, so she was accusing him of lying and stealing her cereal. Before it was established that Christmas had been hiding cereal because Cody eats it all, everyone was taking a shot at Cody.

The other BB19 houseguests are still looking for hard proof that Mark is Cody’s ride-or-die. They confronted him and wanted Cody to confirm it. He told them that after Mark betrayed him week one, they have talked but not been working together. Cody would not say a word to betray Mark. The ex-Marine also kept quiet when questioned about his daughter. During the fight, it is easy to see that Cody is emotionally drained. He is done. Cody looks exhausted and ready to go to Jury. After everyone was away from him, he told the camera that he was glad Jessica wasn’t there to go through all of this.

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According to Joker’s Updates, there is another kitchen blow up between Josh and Elena. He is still upset over Elena campaigning to save Ramses when they were on the block together during Jessica’s HOH. This turns into another rehashed topic – when she offered up Paul as a replacement nominee during Josh’s HOH. Before it was over, Alex was calling her out on several things, right down to her car and things Elena has shared about her job outside the BB19 house. Of course, the betrayal that put Alex in the camper’s outfit came up. Elena wanted a chance to explain why giving Alex a punishment wasn’t breaking her word when the two agreed not to put a punishment on each other. With Christmas in on the conversation as well, they agreed to disagree.

After things had settled down a bit, Paul began talking about how he had been living with Cody all this time and don’t know one thing about him. He says he has met all 18 sides of Cody but doesn’t even know his age. Did you realize that Cody had not even done the basic introductions with the other BB19 houseguests? What do you think about all the fights in the house this summer? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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