Garrett Reid, Coach Andy Reed’s Late Son, Had Steroids In His Room

The son of Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid had steroids in his room at the time he ODed, according a Pennsylvania prosecutor.

Garrett Reid passed away from an accidental heroin overdose on the morning of August 5 in a dorm room at the Eagles Lehigh University training camp. In addition to syringes, police found 19 vials of a liquid that turned out to be anabolic steroids among his personal effects.

Northampton County prosecutor John Morganelli is not taking that aspect of the probe any further, however, according to ESPN.

“The issue of steroids, it’s an illegal substance in Pennsylvania law. It has probably more significance in the sports world. But since it did not appear to be related to his death, we’re not pursuing that any further.”

The medical examiner is running tests to see if Reid, 29, had steroids in his system, however.

The younger Reid was a volunteer Eagles assistant strength and conditioning coach at the time he died. But Morganelli added, as USA Today reports, that “there was no evidence that Reid was giving the steroids to any Eagles players, and that investigators could not determine if the drugs were for Reid’s own use or for distribution.”

In a statement, Coach Reid said he was “confident that my son’s decisions did not affect our football team in any way.”

Police were unable to found out who was dealing the heroin to Reid and have closed that aspect of the investigation.

Although Garrett Reid had struggled with drug addiction during his life, reports were that he had begun to turn his life around, although his father suggested he might have suffered a relapse in August.