Aaron Carter Threatened By Publicist For ‘False, Fabricated, And Defamatory’ Statements—Will He Be Sued?

Aaron Carter was just threatened by his former publicist to stop making “false, fabricated, and defamatory statements” or he will sue. Is the singer spiraling out of control?

Aaron Carter’s life seems to be a bit of a mess these days. To make things worse, his former publicist sent a threatening legal letter saying that he is spreading lies to cover up how much his life is really falling apart, TMZ reported.

Jon Lewandowski’s lawyers sent Aaron Carter an ultimatum, telling him that if he didn’t stop making false accusations, they would sue. According to the legal letter, Carter claimed that Lewandowski stole money from him and damages his career.

Carter’s former publicist actually claims that the truth is the exact opposite. In fact, the singer owes him money for repping him as his publicist and manager. Lewandowski reportedly had to sever ties with Aaron because of his “increasingly alarming and reckless behavior” as well as threats of violence he’s made.

The letter makes it clear that Aaron Carter will face legal repercussions if he does not stop with the lies. Is he trying to blame his former publicist for his career spiraling out?

Aaron Carter has not commented on the situation as of yet.

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On top of that, after coming out as bisexual recently, Carter and his girlfriend Madison Parker broke up. Madison recently spoke out saying that their breakup had nothing to do with the fact that he was bisexual and she was in no way “homophobic,” E! News reported.

She finished her statement by saying that breakups were never easy and commended Aaron for being courageous enough to speak his truth.

“I wish him all the best.”

In a recent interview with The Bert Show, Aaron Carter said that his “ex-girlfriend” did not “really understand it” and “didn’t want [to]” when he came out as bisexual, making it seem like the reason their relationship ended.

“And that was it. So we left it mutual and parted ways.”

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Carter also claimed to be taking a “few months” off of social media, briefly deleting his Twitter account last week. However, the account has been back up and running since Monday.

He tweeted on Tuesday that he was headed to his attorney’s office. Could it be to discuss his feud with his former publicist?

Are you surprised that Aaron Carter’s former publicist is threatening to sue? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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