Tesla Model 3: How Much Does It Really Cost To Own One?

Nics Abasta - Author

Aug. 15 2017, Updated 6:40 p.m. ET

With a price of $35,000, Tesla’s Model 3 is considered an affordable electric car. But it actually costs more by the time you finished ordering your unit.

According to Business Insider, the Model 3 is “pretty bare,” and with the necessary upgrades, its price could reach up to $55,000. Instead of purchasing the basic package of Tesla’s Model 3, most clients would want to choose the premium package, which costs extra $5,000. The premium package includes features that are quite necessary, such as the ability to adjust the seats automatically. It also includes LED fog lamps, a tinted glass roof, and two rear USB ports.

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Moreover, if you want to activate the Enhanced Autopilot system installed in your Tesla Model 3, you would have to shell out another $5,000. This second-generation autopilot system would enable the car’s speed to adapt to different traffic conditions, automatically change lanes, and park itself, among others, Business Insider added. Other upgrades that would cost you extra include a paint job if you want a different color other than black, which would amount to $1,000, 19-inch Sports wheels for $1,500, and bigger battery for $9,000. With that, you are looking at around $55,000.

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With that, you are looking at around $55,000 for a longer-range Model 3. Green Car Reports noted with that range, Tesla Model 3’s price is close to the BMW 3-Series, Audi A4, and Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedans.

On top of the Enhanced Autopilot, owners of Model 3 would pay $3,000 if they want to access Tesla’s hardware that would allow the cars to fully drive themselves. But that feature is not going to be available anytime soon as the government is yet to finalize its regulations on self-driving cars.

If compared to most mass-market sedans, Tesla Model 3 might look expensive because most of the other models cost $30,000 only after extra features have been added. Still, it is worth to note that the Model 3 offers an experience that is not available in other cars. In addition, upgrading your unit would all be up to you. If you opt for the base Model 3, you can still enjoy its standard features, including an emergency braking, keyless entry, Wi-Fi, and LTE connectivity, and voice-activated controls, among others.

Tesla delivered its Model 3 sedans two weeks ago to its first 30 customers. The five-seater sedan has a range of 220 miles for the base unit to 310 miles for the premium Model 3.

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