What The Note Arya Found On 'Game Of Thrones' Said

Monika Zoltany

Sunday on Game of Thrones, we saw Arya sneak into Littlefinger's room and use her ninja-like powers of deduction to find a small scroll with a message on it hidden in Littlefinger's bed.

It was only at the end of the scene that we realized Littlefinger left the note for her to find.

The note is "the only copy in Winterfell," as we heard Littlefinger say loud enough for Arya to overhear.

But what did the note even say?

Well, you might remember that same note from Season 1. In Season 1, Eddard Stark took his daughters, Sansa and Arya, south to King's Landing. (This is when all the trouble with the Lannisters started.) After King Robert died, the Starks were stuck in King's Landing--Ned quickly lost his head, Arya disappeared, and Sansa was trapped with her "beloved" fiancé, the malicious Joffrey.

The Lannisters forced Sansa to write a letter to her brothers at Winterfell saying that everything was fine, that their father had committed treason, and advising them to bend the knee to King Joffrey.

In the book, Robb crumples the letter in disgust. "And no mention of Arya!" he says. The characters actually debate whether Sansa was forced to write the letter or not, before deciding that she was.

In this context the importance of the note, and also why Littlefinger wanted Arya to find it, becomes more clear. Sansa and Arya have always had a tense relationship. Although sisters, they're as different as night and day. The note is a reminder of how far gone Sansa was at that time, with her loyalty pulled between the Starks and the Lannisters. This is shortly after the sisters lost their wolves, too. When Nymeria bit Joffrey at the river, Sansa defended him, and ended up losing her wolf Lady as payment. Arya might even take the note at face value, not knowing that Sansa was forced to write it. It's bound to sew discord between the sisters.

The scene comes shortly after one where Arya and Sansa had a passive-aggressive exchange in their parents' old bedroom. "You always liked nice things. They made you feel better than everyone else," Arya told Sansa.

What is Littlefinger's plan? Why would he want Sansa and Arya to fight, and what will happen between them on Game of Thrones?

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