‘DOOL’ Spoilers: Stephen Nichols Talks About Being An Absent Father During Joey’s Childhood And The Effects

DOOL fans have watched the story of Joey’s secret for over a year as Kayla and Steve have been there to protect their son. Kayla is a fierce mama bear that will do whatever it takes to make sure her son is both happy and safe. The entire situation has changed now that Tripp is in the picture and she is not happy about how it is playing out. Her on-set husband, Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols) is speaking out on the elephant in the room that is missing from the storyline.

The following will contain spoilers for Days of Our Lives. If you don’t want to know what may be airing on the show, stop reading now.

Stephen Nichols didn’t miss it when DOOL fans took to social media to discuss the current storyline. With Kayla doing any and everything to save her son, Joey decided it was time for him to stand accountable for the death of Ava. He wanted to confess. She was livid when Steve supported his decision, rather than try to talk him out of it. To make it worse, Steve didn’t want Tripp to pay the price for what he had done to Kayla. It was as if Steve wanted to spend time bonding with Tripp as Joey went off to prison. The fans on social media were as offended as Kayla.


Stephen Nicols read the comments where fans were tweeting and tweeted back. He told them that he gets what they are saying and the storyline hadn’t been as tactful as it should have been. According to Soap Hub, he also went on to say that the time Kayla spent single parenting Joey when he was an absent parent had never been addressed. He asked the DOOL fans to stay tuned for more.


This led to a whole new discussion by the fans for when, and if, Ron Carlivati would actually disclose some answers from so long ago. And more importantly, would Kayla get the support of Steve in this situation, considering Joey is the man he is today because of her raising him the way she did? Fans should know soon enough because the storyline is well underway on DOOL.

Do you think Steve is right to support Joey’s decision to confess? Should Steve expect Tripp to do the same? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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