‘Basketball Wives’ Reunion: Jackie Christie Put On Blast Over Ta’Kari Drama

Jackie Christie’s strained relationship with her oldest daughter, Ta’Kari, is nothing new. Mom and daughter have been battling at least semi-publicly for years. Their drama came to a head during Season 6 of Basketball Wives after Evelyn Lozada rejoined many of her former cast members for the memorable season. Jackie and Evelyn fought hard on camera regarding Jackie’s daughter and Evelyn’s involvement in their issues.

Jackie feels like Evelyn was stirring the pot by giving Ta’Kari money after her son was injured in a freak daycare accident. Evelyn feels like Jackie should have stepped up and done something herself.

The elevated drama between the Basketball Wives stars split the cast, causing many to choose a side in the war between Jackie and Evelyn. At the end of Season 6, Shaunie O’Neal exclaimed that she is “done” with Jackie Christie. After years of friendship, it looks like the show’s executive producer has seen and heard enough.

On the other hand, Tami Roman seems to have doubled down on her friendship with her fellow reality star. She has argued in previous episodes that the women need to stay out of Jackie’s family business. Should they, though?

Should they really have ignored Ta’Kari’s plea for help when her son was recovering from some pretty serious burns? Or when Jackie accused her daughter of trying to extort money from her? Sometimes it is appropriate to stay out of another woman’s business. Other times, like in the case where someone needs help, it’s perfectly okay to step in and be there when a parent refuses.


Now, Jackie Christie is on a mission to prove that Ta’Kari is lying and that she is blowing their strained relationship out of proportion. Just days before the explosive Basketball Wives Season 6 reunion show’s air date, Jackie posted what she feels is proof that Ta’Kari is lying on Instagram.

Jackie’s proof lies in two posts about her estranged daughter. One is a screenshot of a picture of Ta’Kari’s grandchildren on Mother’s Day along with a message where she tells her mother that she loves her. The other is a screenshot of Ta’Kari’s announcement that she is pregnant again.


While these posts are nice and prove that mother and daughter are at least still speaking, they prove very little about Jackie’s history as a mother. They also don’t show that Jackie reached out to help her daughter when she really needed it last year.

In previous episodes of Basketball Wives, she has claimed that she couldn’t fly to Seattle to be with her grandson when he was injured or to show support because she had to work. Jackie claimed to be taking care of Ta’Kari and her kids financially, but she never showed receipts for that.

There’s also the shocker that Basketball Wives fans will see during the Season 6 reunion show. It turns out that Jackie doesn’t even know when her grandson’s birthday is and that will be explored during the reunion show according to Hello Beautiful. That bit is revealed in a sneak peek for the big show, and Jackie’s co-stars seem pretty shocked and don’t know what to believe.

The Basketball Wives Season 6 reunion airs Monday at 9 p.m. EST.

[Featured Image by Phillip Faraone/Stringer/Getty Images]