‘Big Brother 19’ Live Feed Recap: Who Is The New Target? Who’s Campaigning To Stay?

Keep up with the houseguests of Big Brother 19. The punishments were in full force for some people after the Power of Veto Competition. Let’s recap all the drama that unfolded on Sunday during Week 7 in the house.

Alex, Jason, and Paul’s punishments for losing the Power of Veto Competition were in full motion on Sunday. Alex seems to be mad at Elena, who can’t understand why she would be upset with her.

If you haven’t been watching the Big Brother live feeds, here’s a roundup of the highlights from Sunday, August 13, 2017.

Sunday morning

Cody is the first one up on Sunday morning. He cooks around 7:00 a.m. while the others sleep until around 10:00 a.m. Cody told Mark and Elena that he had tried to talk to Alex that morning while she was performing her campsite setup/breakdown punishment routine but she wouldn’t say much.

Shortly after, the Big Brother producers sound the bugle, which is Alex’s indicator to set up camp and make hot dogs for the houseguests. Meanwhile, Jason is trying to take a shower when he gets his ‘E-TREME’ call and responded accordingly.

Around 11:00 a.m., the houseguests are sent to the HoH room for lockdown. Alex makes it known that she did not betray her promise to Elena after she stuck her with the camping punishment.

The Have-Nots were assigned, not picked, this week based on the first four to drop which ended up being Mark, Kevin, Jason, and Paul.

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At noon, Paul and Christmas test out the Have-Not bed they’ll have to share and Paul is not happy about it. Minutes later, Paul talks to Josh about keeping Cody but they “both agree there’s no way,” according to Big Brother Network.

Christmas makes it known that she wants Elena gone before Kevin but Paul says that Kevin is the one causing all the problems. Paul makes a point to say that Kevin claims he will support people but has not actually done anything to prove it.

Elena gets upset that Alex is mad at her for taking the $5,000, while Mark tells her it is Paul who is making a big stink about it. Mark encourages her to go make nice with Alex but Elena didn’t seem too convinced.

Paul got the Have-Nots Gamble Key. Mark says that he hopes Paul guesses correctly, while Elena said she hopes he gets it wrong.

Despite the fact that Elena told Alex she would be homeless if she had gotten evicted last week, Alex claims to know that she has a lot of money in the family and remains annoyed with Elena.

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Sunday afternoon

Around 1:00 p.m., Mark tells Matthew that he is concerned about the HoH crew, which consists of Kevin, Paul, Jason, Alex, Christmas, and Josh. Mark swears to Matthew that he is not planning on coming after him or Raven. However, he does say that they will need to take someone from that group.

Kevin and Paul decide that Cody’s only option is to get Matthew to not use the Veto, but then Matthew would be at risk of going home as well.

Matthew goes to talk to Raven and tells her how Mark is worried about the Big Brother houseguests upstairs. Raven admits that she wants to see Mark leave before Elena and Matthew agrees. Matthew warns Raven that Josh that Christmas will be a hard person for them to take out when the time comes. Raven and Matthew both hope that Mark will go after Alex and Jason if he wins HoH. They both agree it might not be a bad thing for Mark to be in power.

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Mark and Elena discuss targets together. Elena now wants Alex gone but Mark says he’d rather see Paul leave. Mark says he’d put up Josh and Paul if he got HoH.

At 3:00 p.m., Paul tells Matthew he should save Jason so that Elena and Cody will continue to worry. Matthew warns Paul that Mark has expressed concerns about the HoH crew. Mark says that he would suggest Paul play hard for the Veto and try to make a deal with Alex and Jason if he got HoH.

Alex sets up camp again on the sky bridge at 3:30 p.m. while they are all on lockdown. Elena is still talking about Alex being mad at her for taking the $5,000 from her. Mark explains to Elena that Alex is mad because she believes that she broke her word on their deal. Elena gets upset with Mark now and tells him to go win HoH.

Cody realizes that he has nothing to lose and pitches a few plans to Alex and Jason on Sunday evening to try and keep him this week and help take out Paul.

Paul and Christmas put on their punishment costume together at 4:00 p.m. and agree that the outfits aren’t so bad and it is only for two days.

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Mark and Cody agree that this season of Big Brother is a “dud” because they feel that not all the houseguests are actually playing to win, Big Brother Network noted. Cody says that he wished there were more physical competitions because he had been banking on winning those.

Sunday night

Around 6:00 p.m., the HoH crew begins to plan out who they will target for the Double Eviction on Thursday. They decide they will definitely put up Mark and Elena and then use one of their own people as a pawn if either of them come down. Christmas suggests Mark be targeted first.

Cody assures Elena that she is a bigger target than Matthew, who she believes is planning on saving himself, which would leave her evicted.

Raven becomes concerned that Mark will put up Josh and Paul if he wins HoH after walking in on him and Elena talking about Paul again.

Cody spends the evening throwing out ideas at Alex and Jason to keep himself safe this week, telling her that he has never targeted her and never would. Plus, she has plenty of reasons to want to go after Elena now.

The Big Brother Live Feed cut out around 8:00 p.m. when the houseguests who won the Outback dinner left. They return at 9:00 p.m. and Mark seems like he had a bit to drink.

Paul confides in Christmas, telling her that it would be impossible for him to win the game because no one will vote for him.

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At around 10:30 p.m. Cody goes to talk to Jason and Alex again. He wants to know if she has put him up or if they can try to get people not to vote him out. Afterward, Alex tells Jason that she was just playing along with what Cody said but wasn’t planning on doing what he wanted.

After Elena tells Mark she wants something crazy to happen, he talks about Big Brother couples in the past who have made it far in the game by winning lots of comps and says that they should do the same.

Alex runs to the rest of the HoH crew to tell them that Cody is still trying to get her to help him not get evicted this week.

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At midnight, Paul confirms with Matthew that he is planning on saving Jason with the Veto.

Raven says that she thinks Cody has been staring at her body in a weird way every since he turned her down because she can’t have kids. Raven and Matthew talk about the claims that Cody made, saying he went online while in Battle Back sequester. Raven also tells him about Cody’s attempt to flip Alex and Jason.

Raven and Matthew wonder if it was Kevin who voted to keep Cody a few weeks ago but then they both decide that it is better not to talk game in front of Kevin before heading off to bed at 2:45 a.m.

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Big Brother viewers will see what Alex decides at the Veto meeting on Monday.

What do you think the Big Brother 19 houseguests will do? Let us know in the comments section below.

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