Bette Midler On ‘Glee’? Actress Says She’s Still Waiting On That Phone Call

We reported earlier that actress Bette Midler may soon receive a guest-spot on Glee, but the 67-year-old said that she’s still waiting on an invitation.

Midler spoke to Access Hollywood about potentially guest-starring on the popular Fox series, and said that she’s still interested. However, she has not yet received a phone call from series co-creator Ryan Murphy.

“[Ryan Murphy] never called me,” Midler said of guest-starring on Glee. “He mentioned it, but … I’m still waiting for the call. But, it’s fine!”

Murphy himself first hinted that he was interested in having Midler appear on Glee during the God’s Love We Deliver Golden Heart Awards in October. “Ryan was also honored that night and he said [in his speech], ‘If Bette Midler’s in the house I want to invite her onto ‘Glee,'” Midler said. “And I went, ‘OK!'”

Midler already has an idea of who she might play on Glee, as well. The actress has floated the possibility of playing Jane Lynch’s “evil sister” or Lea Michele’s grandmother.

It could happen if the right people come together, but Murphy has offered celebrities guest-starring roles on Glee in the past with an actual cameo never coming to fruition. Most famously, actress Anne Hathaway expressed a desire to appear on Glee, and Murphy invited her personally at the 2011 Golden Globes.

“She walked by our table and we have a mutual friend and I said, ‘Do you really want to do it?’ And she said, ‘I do.’ And I said, ‘OK, we’re gonna do it,'” Murphy recalled. “I think we’ll do it probably in a month and a half or so … I have to talk to Anne about what she wants to sing. I’m sure she has ideas. I’m excited about that.”

Too bad it never happened.

“And I never heard from him again,” Hathaway told Pop Sugar in August 2011. “Ryan Murphy, I’m calling you out: I want to be on Glee. I’ve got my songs picked out.”

Now that Hathaway has some musical experience, Murphy will think about ringing her up, as well.

Do you think Bette Midler should guest-star on Glee?