The iPhone 8 Final Design Looks Like This

The iPhone 8’s design has been speculated about ever since it was rumored to be in production. Various leaks and reports have cropped up since then, and most of them corroborate each other. We’ve also seen prototypes, but it is only now that we’ll see what the iPhone will look like with high-grade materials.

A Close Look At The iPhone 8’s Final Design

With all the schematics, prototypes, and concepts that have flooded the internet, we have a pretty good picture in our minds of what the iPhone 8 will look like: there will be a bezel-less display, a vertical dual-camera set-up at the back, which is made of 2.5D glass like the front side, and no home button/dedicated fingerprint scanner in sight.

Photos of iPhone 8 mock-ups with these specifications are abundant, but they look nowhere near the real thing. So how premium does the 10th anniversary look and feel? Thankfully, Forbes obtained a prototype that may just have the final design that is in mass production right now.

As you can see below, the new iPhone is not that much bigger compared to iPhone 7. It is slightly taller and thicker and it has the features we’ve listed above. According to the report, it feels comparable to the Samsung Galaxy S8, which feels great to the touch.

This may very well be what we’re going to see come September alongside the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus that are also heavily rumored to have glass panels at the back.

iPhone 8 Display Still A Mystery

While we pretty much know the iPhone 8’s final design, we still don’t know how iOS 11 will be displayed in the device’s 5.8-inch screen. Countless rumors suggested that the space at either side of the cut-out at the top will be permanently blacked out to accommodate data signal, battery level, and other information. This will also make sure that photos and videos will not be obstructed by the cut-out.

Previously, developer Steve Troughton-Smith discovered the dimensions of the iPhone 8’s screen. With the information given, someone made a mock-up of the possible usable screen space, seen below.

It is unknown, however, how the apps and the home button will be projected. Seeing as the iPhone 8’s release date is pegged next month, though, we won’t have to wait longer to see iOS 11 on the 10th anniversary iPhone.

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