‘Justice League’ Reshoots Dramatically Change Film’s Ending- Darkseid Reportedly On The Back Burner

Batman, Flash and Wonder Woman in Justice League

The DCEU’s Justice League is just months away from its premiere date, and the production team has managed to squeeze in some serious reshoots. It’s not unusual for any big-budget movie to undergo reshoots, so fans shouldn’t be worried. However, it’s quite surprising that the film’s ending was the focus of the alterations, and they could have changed the film in its entirety.

Warning: potential Justice League spoilers- read at your own risk.

Peter Sciretta from the /Film Daily podcast has gained some insider information on these reshoots and what they entail. Apparently, the ending has changed completely. Sciretta explains the ending of the original cut had DC supervillain Darkseid arriving on Earth as a cliffhanger into what would be Justice League Part Two. This ending is unfortunately, no more.

For those not familiar with Darkseid- do not confuse him with Doomsday from Batman V Superman. The two characters are often confused for one another, and we saw Doomsday’s death alongside Supermans in BVS. Darkseid, if you can imagine, is much worse. Consider Darkseid the Thanos of DC- he’s hellbent on conquering the universe and will wipe out anyone and anything to do so.

Now that Justice League has changed it’s ending, it appears we may not even see Darkseid at all in the film. He more than likely will be referenced or alluded to, but fans shouldn’t expect much. For now, Sciretta explains this movie ends with a resolution. He also explains Robin Wright (Antiope) had to reshoot certain flashback scenes involving Steppenwolf- JL‘s main villain.

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The purpose of Robin’s reshoots were to solidify Steppenwolf as the big bad. To parallel again to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Steppenwolf would be the Loki of DC. He’s definitely a terrible villain, but a bigger threat is lurking in the cosmos.

IGN spoke with Richard Morton (Dr. Silas Stone) on the film’s reshoots. Morton explained he did several reshoots with Joss Whedon after Zack Snyder left the project. Morton says the tone of Cyborg’s character was lightened in these reshoots, and thus in the film overall.

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Whedon is known as the director of The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron from Marvel. The MCU generally has lighter films than DC, which dramatically set the studios apart. Whedon was reportedly brought on to carry that lighter tone from Marvel to DC as fan’s didn’t take to the darkness in Batman V Superman‘s as the studio hoped.

To find out the much anticipated ending of Justice League, catch the film when it debuts on November 17.

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