August 13, 2017
Another Former TNA Champion Has Decided To Suddenly Ask For Their Release From Global Force Wrestling

Global Force Wrestling is trying to do whatever it can to make itself the number two promotion, but they are having some issues with former champion after former champion leaving. Magnus and Matt Morgan have left the company this summer while others such as Drew Galloway/McIntyre and the Hardy Boyz departed earlier this year. Now, former TNA Knockout Champion Angelina Love has requested and been granted her release.

According to Wrestling Inc., the six-time TNA Knockout Champion is not really on board with being a part of the GFW takeover. Despite being one of the key members of the Knockout Division since joining TNA Impact Wrestling in 2007, she has decided to part ways with them.

Most recently, she was accompanying her real-life husband Davey Richards as an on-screen power couple. They even teamed together at Slammiversary XV to take on the team of Eddie Edwards and his wife Alisha in a Full Metal Mayhem Match. Love and Richards ended up losing that bout.

While Global Force Wrestling has yet to make any type of official announcement, Angelina Love took to Twitter to let the world know. It appears as if there wasn't much of a fight in letting her go.

Obviously, she thanked "Impact Wrestling" and didn't mention GFW, but it's not like she has worked a lot for that company.

angelina love tna impact wrestling global force release leave davey richards gfw
[Image by TNA Impact Wrestling]

Angelina Love was a key member of the women's division in TNA Impact Wrestling as she paired with Velvet Sky to form the heel stable known as The Beautiful People. They were brutal in their ways, but they are both very talented and gave everything to the promotion.

Love actually left the company on a number of occasions, but she always ended up returning for another run.

Her last return came in January of this year and was eventually paired with her husband for the feud with Eddie and Alisha Edwards. Love asking for her release from GFW is not shocking as Davey Richards recently retired from wrestling to pursue a career in the medical field, as reported by Fansided.

angelina love tna impact wrestling global force release leave davey richards gfw
[Image by TNA Impact Wrestling]

While Global Force Wrestling is trying to make itself a new entity and different than TNA Impact Wrestling, they are losing a lot of talent in the process. Some big names are rumored to be on the way such as Johnny Mundo and Rey Mysterio, but those moves still need to happen. The losses of Magnus, the Hardy Boyz, Drew Galloway, Mike Bennette, Maria Kanellis, Davey Richards, Matt Morgan, and Angelina Love are certainly going to be felt in GFW.

[Featured Image by TNA Impact Wrestling]