RG3 Jersey Sets Single Season Sales Record

Washington Redskins rookie quarterback sensation Robert Griffin the Third (RG3) has set a record he didn’t even have to break a sweat for.

USA Today reports that sales of RG3’s jersey have set the one year sales record for the NFL. With three and a half months remaining in the NFL’s fiscal year his record will only grow.

The NFL has not released officials sales numbers, but NFL spokeswoman Joanna Hunter told ESPN:

“Griffin moved into the top spot by overtaking Brett Favre, who previously held the record for most jerseys sold in a year twice — with the New York Jets in 2008 and the Minnesota Vikings in 2009”

Redskins merchandise sales are up 252 percent for December compared to last year, a growth that shows the massive excitement surrounding football in Redskin Nation right now.

More impressively, 87 percent of all Redskin’s merchandise sales this year have come from regional areas outside of the established Washington fan base.

To stir the water in the pot USA Today points out:

“The league has only been using this method to monitor player jersey sales for six years, so it’s difficult to quantify his popularity as a rookie compared to sensations in the 80s, 90s and even farther back.”

An interesting observation in a sporting era where statistics have become so important. Also a point that takes nothing away from the incredible rookie year RG3 is having. A year so sensational that ESPN analysts are questioning his “blackness” just to have something to talk about.

Do you think RG3’s season justifies his jersey sales?