‘The Flash’ Movie Plot, Rumors, & Release Date: ‘Flashpoint’ to follow Comic Book Origins?

A few weeks ago, Warner Bros. announced that 2 yet-to-be-named DCEU movies are slated for February and June 2020 release. Rumors have it that one of those movies is The Flash: Flashpoint, a new DC Extended Universe movie featuring Barry Allen, and the story would involve one of the most important storylines in the entire DC Comic Book series.

Is The Flash: Flashpoint just another spinoff from Justice League?

Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen is set to star in the upcoming DCEU movie Justice League and it appears that the fans of the Scarlet Speedster have more to look forward to as The Flash is reportedly going to headline a standalone movie of his own. However, according to Comic Book, The Flash: Flashpoint is set to follow in the footsteps of fellow Justice League members Wonder Woman and Aquaman in having a solo movie, but fans will likely have to wait longer before it comes to fruition.

That being said, Wonder Woman was successfully introduced in the Batman vs Superman movie in the first quarter of 2016. A few months ago, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman proved that a standalone movie including members of the super team can lead his or her own franchise without its storyline being directly connected to the movie Justice League.

Jason Momoa’s character, Aquaman, another member of the Justice League, is also going to be introduced in arguably the biggest superhero team up ever to hit the theaters. After the Justice League movie, the standalone film Aquaman will hit the theaters in December of 2018.

Both the story plots of Wonder Woman and Aquaman have little to do with Justice League movie. Both heroes are fighting their own battles and it seems that the Scarlet Speedster is going to be fighting his too in The Flash: Flashpoint, thereby following the precedent set by the two DCEU movies.

Ezra Miller, Gal Gadot, and Jason Momoa could be reprising their roles in the rumored DCEU standalone film, ‘The Flash: Flashpoint.’ [Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]

However, in the comic book version of Flashpoint, both Aquaman and Wonder Woman will be heavily involved in the story. In the comics version, The Flash inadvertently created an alternate reality wherein Aquaman and Wonder Woman are fighting against each other and the two Justice League members, and their respective armies, are dragging the entire world to oblivion.

Possible Plot & Villains for The Flash: Flashpoint

Barry Allen’s Flash has tangled with a number of villains so he is not lacking enemies. But no one caused the Scarlet Speedster more problems than Eobard Thawne’s Reverse-Flash. According to Cinema Blend, the Reverse-Flash killed Barry Allen’s mother which set the Flashpoint paradox in the first place so that Thawne is the heavy favorite to menace the Flash in The Flash: Flashpoint.

Professor Zoom also caused Barry Allen a lot of grief. The fact that Zoom has been chosen as the main antagonist in the hit TV series The Flash is an indicator of how effective a villain Zoom is. If Zoom’s character is lifted from the TV series, Flashpoint will probably showcase a part of Crisis on Infinite Earths.

The Flash: Flashpoint Release Date

The Scarlet Speedster’s solo movie has yet to be given an actual release date. According to Cinema Blend, rumors suggest that another DCEU film, the Suicide Squad 2, will take the February 2020 release schedule, leaving The Flash: Flashpoint to take the aforementioned June 2020 release date.

‘The Flash actor Ezra Miller together with ‘Justice League’ co-stars. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

However, nothing is set in stone as there are a number of DCEU films still waiting for their shot at the big screen. Among the DCEU films lined up for future release are the standalone films including Cyborg and Green Lantern Corps. That being said, The Flash: Flashpoint is one of the more important story lines in the entire DCEU, or at least the ultimate reboot movie if everything fails, so fans of the Barry Allen can rest assured that their favorite hero is coming soon.

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