‘BB19’ Live Feed Updates: Cody Reveals Secret to Kevin, Houseguest Admits Throwing Temptation Competition

On Saturday, live feeds were abuzz with chatter as BB19 houseguests shared intimate secrets, and one houseguest openly admitted to throwing the most recent Temptation Competition.

Cody Nickson lost his lady love, showmance partner Jessica Graf, Thursday night during a live eviction episode of Big Brother 19, and, for the most part, had been isolating himself in a back bedroom away from the other houseguests ever since. Slowly, but surely, Cody has been ingratiating himself into the group by slightly associating with them, but seemingly avoiding deep conversation.

According to live feed updates, on Saturday morning, Cody and Kevin Schlehuber engaged in a private discussion in which Cody revealed a major detail about his personal life. The two men were talking about the game at around 10:58 a.m. Big Brother 19 house time, when Cody divulged a secret to Kevin, prefacing it by saying he had accomplished everything he had wanted to in the game.

Cody could then be heard saying, “…Don’t say anything because I just can’t have anybody personally use it against me in this game, but I have a daughter, and…” Kevin was surprised and interrupted him with, “C’mon?”

Cody, with a smile on his face, then said, “Yeah, yeah, yeah… a five-year-old daughter.” He added he wanted to do the best he could in the BB19 game so his little girl could see him compete.

This prompted Kevin to ask if Jessica knew about his child and Cody responded in the affirmative.

Kevin inquired as to how often Cody has time with his child, and Cody noted he sees her during the summer months, so he had to give up his visit with her this year to participate in Big Brother 19.

According to a live feed update on Big Brother fan site Joker’s Updates, Kevin asked whether Cody was married to his daughter’s mother. Cody indicated he was not, but got together with the woman after his brother died in a motorcycle accident while Cody was serving his country in Afghanistan.

Cody seemed relieved to share his secret with Kevin, and Kevin appeared pleased that Cody chose to reveal something so close to his heart.

Not long after, during a discussion in the Head of Household (HOH) room, a discussion was taking place on live feeds amongst other players regarding the upcoming Power of Veto (POV) competition and what took place in Friday’s Temptation challenge.

At around 11:42 a.m. BB19 house time, Matthew Clines admitted throwing the Temptation Competition so he would automatically be nominated for eviction and could participate in the POV challenge. This move was calculated because it appears the plan of current HOH, Alex Ow, is to backdoor Cody and send him to the jury. Matt is now a nominee for eviction and can play in the upcoming POV.

Earlier Saturday morning, it was learned that Cody’s name was not randomly drawn to play in the POV, so he has no chance of playing to win. Thus, if the winner of the POV saves a nominee, Cody will likely be backdoored and placed on the chopping block as the target for eviction.

It should be noted that Mark Jansen is immune from eviction this week, as he was the victor in the Temptation Competition.

In addition, Alex nominated her closest ally in the game, Jason Dent, and Mark’s showmance partner, Elena Davies, to sit on the eviction block as pawns.

Big Brother 19 airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern Time, and Thursdays at 9 p.m. Eastern Time on CBS. Big Brother After Dark airs live nightly on the Pop cable network at 12 midnight Eastern Time, with the exception of Thursdays, when it is broadcast at 1 a.m.

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