‘Annabelle: Creation’ Scores A Big Early Box Office With Premiere

Annabelle: Creation has already outperformed industry projections, even before it’s big Friday premiere on the Thursday previews. As many fans of the horror genre already know, this is a rare milestone for horror in particular, although it is powered by the star power of The Conjuring franchise. It also appears that the Annabelle prequel to the other Annabelle has taken shape with extreme audience interest, despite the rising tensions in world events lately.

As a bit of prerequisite knowledge, Annabelle: Creation is actually a prequel to the first spinoff film, Annabelle. But that goes even deeper because the first Annabelle film was in and of itself a prequel to The Conjuring, which featured the demon possessed doll at the beginning of the movie as a case that Ed and Lorraine Warren worked in the 1970s before they accepted the case with the Perron family.

So now that we have the basic details for Annabelle: Creation out of the way, let’s just take a look at the early numbers coming out of the box office reports, as reported by Box Office Mojo. What is perhaps the most impressive milestone here is how well Annabelle: Creation performed on the Thursday night previews at the box office, which are usually held late so that they can coincide with the Friday opening day box office numbers.

During the Thursday night previews, Annabelle: Creation scored an estimated $4 million at the box office, which is highly impressive for a horror film. To help put that into perspective, The Dark Tower scored $7.7 million at the box office on its opening day last week, which included all of Friday’s total earnings and not just the previews. That means that Annabelle: Creation is on pace to outperform a major Stephen King adaptation that many have considered to be an epic story, or have referred to the King series of books as his magnum opus.

With those early numbers for Annabelle: Creation in mind, studios have changed their projections for the film’s opening weekend, and they are now expecting it to pull in over $37 million at the box office, as reported by Variety. That means that Annabelle: Creation is steadily on pace to reach the same box office numbers as the first Annabelle, even impressing audiences enough to be worthy of a spinoff title from The Conjuring franchise.

[Featured Image by New Line Cinema/Warner Bros.]