Website CamSoda Allows Men To Login Through A Penis Recognition System — Yes, Really

A recently-launched site known as CamSoda reportedly features one of the first login systems of its kind: A digital recognition system that grants men access to the site with their penises.

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, Metro explains that the intriguing new software requires male users to only share photographs of their private parts to be scanned, which are then “recognized” by the web domain — an adult-themed cam site — to gain access.

Reps for CamSoda, which reportedly opened back in July, colloquially refer to the groundbreaking move as the more explicit, “D**kometrics Penis Verification” System, and told Metro that it works best when a man is not at rest, so to speak.

Animated images of the site promoting the login tool can be seen here (be advised it is still NSFW).

“[Site owners] say it works best with erect penises, as they have more discernible features,” the publication offered.

Apparently, male CamSoda users who choose to do so can upload a picture of their private parts to the site, which is then automatically logged by the penis verification system.

“Each new time you log in,” Metro goes on to say, “simply show your [penis to the lens] and you’re good to go.”

Vice president of CamSoda, Darren Press, told the media that while the recognition system may appear to be more obscene than necessary, the male penis actually possesses just as much human information as a common fingerprint.

“Like a fingerprint and an eyeball,” Mr. Press said, “which are two of most commonly used body parts in bio-metric technologies, the penis has many, many differentiating factors like size, color, and vein protrusion.”

penis recognition system

“[The only difference is,] penises are not exposed to the public a lot of the time,” he continued, “and [are] mostly kept under clothing and shared with loved ones – presumably, [with] trusted people.”

While the Inquisitr cannot personally confirm if the login trick actually works, CamSoda has, in the past, been in the headlines for other promotional acts that were found to be faked in an attempt to go viral.

Back in May, as reported by the Palm Beach Post, adult film actress Molly Cavalli participated in a stunt that allegedly saw her being attacked by a shark.

According to Metro, that plan was apparently set in motion by CamSoda in a “strange” attempt to gain widespread attention for their website.

penis recognition system

“Bryce Rohrer, owner and operator of Florida Shark Diving, said Molly Cavalli and her film crew approached him two months ago saying they wanted to do a shark dive and fake a shark bite so that it would be widely viewed online,” writers for the Palm Beach Post said.

“I was talking directly to Molly [by text] and she just said, hey, we are looking to do a shoot faking a shark bite and it’s strictly in order for it to go viral,” Rohrer told the newspaper.

“We immediately declined. We are pro-shark, pro-wildlife, and want to show the importance of sharks, [and] not [smear] them.”

Cavalli, nonetheless, found another way to get the “bloody” shot by riding out to sea on another boat, but was soon called out as a fraud and busted by Mr. Rohrer. Ms. Cavalli ultimately came clean but appears to have never spoken publicly about the alleged stunt.

Reps for CamSoda did not bring up Ms. Cavalli or her stunt during their conversation about the site’s penis recognition system, nor of any plans for a potential women’s version of CamSoda’s login “hack” to come in the future.

[Featured Image by Dr. Grounds/iStock]