Model Amina Yusurova Posts That LGBTQ People Should Be ‘Rounded Up’ And Blown Up

Amina Yusurova, a well-known Kyrgyzstani celebrity and model, has taken to social media to advocate the cause that LGBTQ people be rounded up, placed on an island, and “blown up.” Yusurova shared her disturbing views on Facebook recently, targeting all people of “non-traditional orientation” in the midst of her nation’s public fight over LGBTQ rights.

Currently, Kyrgyzstan is divided over how to handle the worldwide LGBTQ revolution, and a law has recently been proposed that would ban “gay propaganda” in the nation. The law, which has garnered widespread support by way of public protests and rallies, would mirror a similar law currently in effect in Russia. As the turmoil rages on, model Amina Yusurova has used her Facebook presence to attack and even threaten the lives of the LGBTQ community both in Kyrgyzstan and around the world.

As Pink News reports, Kyrgyzstani model Amina Yusurova, who is also the director of the Kyrgyzstan World Beauty Congress, put a bulls-eye directly on the backs of members of the LGBTQ community with a recent Facebook post in which she wrote that people of “non-traditional orientation” should be rounded up on an island.

The model also added that, after the LGBTQ people of the world are rounded up, people should “blow them all up on one island.” But 29-year-old Amina Yusurova’s hateful rant against the LGBTQ community didn’t stop there. The Kyrgyzstani model also included female sex workers in her attack.

In all, Yusurova claimed to want to see “all the people of nontraditional orientation,” including “women of low social responsibility,” on that island — and then see that island blown up.

“Round up all the people of nontraditional orientation and blow them all up on one island.”

Not surprisingly, few of her over 6,000 Facebook followers rallied around model Amina Yusurova and her shockingly divisive and discriminatory social media comments.

According to one of her Facebook followers, Yusurova should use her platform as a model to send a “different” message. Another warned the model that her words were tantamount to “setting everyone against herself.”

Even those with admitted issues with the LGBTQ community seemed to think that model Amina Yusurova was going too far with her anti-LGBTQ message. One follower who openly claimed to be “against” the LGBTQ community reminded the model that hurting people and/or calling for them to be “blown up” was not appropriate. He even admitted that while he is “against sexual minorities,” he doesn’t have the right “to blow them up or take some other action against them.”

And neither does model Amina Yusurova.

This isn’t the first time that the model has found herself in political/social hot water. Recently, Yusurova found herself the target of social media ire after calling on ethnic Russians to be tossed out of Kyrgyzstan.

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