‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Christmas Calls Mark A Flip-Flopper, Results In A Huge ‘BB19’ House Fight

Big Brother 19 spoilers revealed Christmas Abbott and Mark Jansen argued about his friendship with Cody Nickson. Christmas has not been a fan of Mark and Elena Davies for quite some time, but it only recently became public knowledge. BB19 spoilers indicate that Mark overheard Christmas whispering with Alex about him. Apparently, they were talking about Mark and Elena talking game with Cody, which is something both Mark and Elena swore they have not done since Week 2.

BB Feedster shared that Mark questioned Christmas about what she overheard and she confirmed his worst fear –she heard him talking game with Cody. Mark tried to explain that he was talking about the Veto competition and didn’t think there was anything wrong with their conversation. Christmas kept pressuring Mark and suggested that he and Elena are still working with Cody.

Big Brother 19 spoilers reveal that Christmas suggested that Mark only voted to keep her in Week 1 because that’s what the majority of the BB19 house wanted. Mark disagreed with her and insisted it was a personal decision and he could have voted her out. Of course, Christmas snaps back, stating that he didn’t have the votes to evict her.

According to Online Big Brother, Mark begged Cody to put Christmas on the block in Week 1. Big Brother 19 spoilers state that Mark denied he brought her name up. His story was that Cody was gunning for her because she was a huge physical threat. As you can imagine, Christmas didn’t believe a word he said.

Christmas continued to argue about Mark asking Cody to put her on the block during Week 1. Big Brother 19 spoilers state Mark admitted that he didn’t like Christmas from the start, but he did not have a hand in her nomination.

Big Brother 19 spoilers indicate that Josh Martinez asked Cody if he had an alliance with Mark. Cody revealed that he is done talking game to anyone and implied that he does not trust Mark.

Big Brother 19 spoilers indicate that Paul approached Mark to let him know that Cody claimed that Mark knew about the plan to put Christmas on the block. Of course, Mark acted surprised and claimed Cody was lying.

Paul ended up admitting that he thought Cody was lying and trying to flip everything to be Mark’s fault. Big Brother 19 spoilers indicate that Paul told Kevin Schlehuber moments later that Christmas made a few excellent points against Mark.

It is possible that this little spat could have put a larger target on Elena’s back. Big Brother 19 spoilers suggest that Christmas stirred up drama to keep the heat off her back since she cannot compete in any of the BB19 competitions.

After the BB19 fight had settled down, Christmas told Mark they should have a chat later after they both had time to calm down. Do you think the fight will end up hurting Elena’s game since Mark won the safety for Week 7?

Big Brother 19 airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening on CBS.

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