‘Big Brother’: Jessica Accuses Matt Of Punching Her Vagina

Big Brother Season 19 is full of sexual rampages, and this last episode was not any different. Jessica Graf yelled at Matthew Clines, telling him “you punched my vagina,” after reports that houseguests were furious over unwanted butt poking.

The Big Brother house has been full of sexual shenanigans this season. Most recently, Jessica Graf yelled at Matthew Clines for “punching” her in the vagina. Her roommates laughed at her accusations.

TMZ broke the story after the alleged assault created chaos in the house. However, reports claimed that Jessica appeared to have “started” the whole butt-poking joke.

The latest clips of Big Brother footage show Matthew Clines, Paul Abrahamian, Ramses Soto, and Elena Davies going around the house and sneaking up on roommates to poke them in the butt.

When Jessica poked Matt’s butt prior to the vagina-punching incident, he called her a “sexual predator.”

Paul also complained to Kevin about Jessica’s ongoing poke joke in the Big Brother house.

Les Moonves, the CEO of CBS, was spotted leaving Craig’s in Los Angeles last night. When asked about the alleged vagina punching incident, he said that he hadn’t seen the footage of Jessica yet but would watch it the following day.

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TMZ previously reported that Jessica Graf was recorded pulling the move on both Matt and Paul, who were upset and confronted her about it, but she just laughed it off.

Another female Big Brother houseguest, Alex, also claimed that Graf pulled the same move on her, poking her in the butt and the vagina. Alex got emotional when she was talking about the incident to another houseguest, Josh.

Alex explained that Jessica’s actions upset her so much because a family member had been raped and killed, so it triggered some deep emotions for her.

When Paul and Kevin were discussing what happened, they said if Jessica was a man poking a woman, she would be in jail for sexual assault.

CBS has not commented on the vagina “punching” incident as of yet.

According to Reality TV World, Jessica Graf considers herself to be “brutally honest, wildly inappropriate, mildly apologetic, loud, passionate and loyal.”

The brunette beauty wrongly believed she’d be “Miss Congeniality” in the game of Big Brother this season, as well as the life of the party.

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