‘BB19’: Jessica Graf Slammed For Body Shaming Josh Martinez As Personal Attacks Hit A New Low This Season

Big Brother fans witnessed one of the most explosive fights of the season this week as Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson took on Josh Martinez—over a spelling game. And that spelling game turned into a crying game after a series of personal attacks ended with the HOH bawling in the bedroom.

It’s no secret that this season’s Big Brother has been one of the most volatile in the history of the CBS summertime reality show. But polarizing paramours Jessica and Cody didn’t mince words after Josh egged them on over Jessica’s impending eviction. Martinez and Graf got into it over how to spell the word “drought,” which segued into her calling him “dumb” and questioning the success of his business. Josh defended his credentials and his college degree before spewing the Paul Abrahamian-inspired one liner: “I don’t know how to spell ‘drought,’ but can you spell ‘evicted’?”

That’s when the attacks got really personal. Cody and Jessica began to hurl personal insults at Josh, who has been working on losing weight all summer.

Cody called Josh “the dumbest person we’ve ever met,” saying he waddles “around here with your fat, f***ing body.” Jessica added that Josh is a “fat a**” and then told him to go “roll your a** outside.”

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Josh warned the duo that they were “making things real personal” while he was just playing a game, but he later broke down in tears in the HOH bedroom as the other houseguests consoled him.

While Josh Martinez has been a major instigator this season (he has tormented Jody all season by clanging on pots and pans and singing a circus tune as he mocks them), some Big Brother fans think Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson went too far by body shaming their nemesis. Viewers took to social media to slam Jessica and Cody for taking things too far with Josh.

In the least shocking eviction of the season, Jessica Graf was ultimately sent home this week on Big Brother. Jessica did not get into the body shaming fight during her exit interview with Big Brother host Julie Chen, but she did have plenty to say about Josh Martinez.

Graf told Chen that her final straw with Martinez came during the Head of Household competition that she won when he berated her from the sidelines during the comp.

“He stood on the sidelines and attacked me the entire time,” Jessica said, according to Gold Derby.

“Right before that HOH competition, he had known that that was the anniversary of my dad’s passing, so it was a very emotional day for me. And instead of being a kind and caring human being — because this is just a game — he decided to kick me while I was down. I think that that’s disgusting and I don’t stand by it. And I just don’t like him as a person after that.”

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Graf, who admits that she “gave up” toward the end of her Big Brother game, also revealed that she is happy that she won’t “have to hear [Josh’s] voice anymore.”

Check out the video below to see Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson going at it with Josh Martinez in one of the ugliest Big Brother fights this season.


Big Brother airs Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays on CBS.

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